Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Isaias- Not the Storm of the Century, But Big Enough!

Well, yesterday we met tropical storm Isaias. It came right up I95 and dumped about 6 inches of rain on our little town. 

We didn't have too much trouble in our neighborhood, although the creek did rise over it's banks as usual. Our sump pump has been dead for a long time, so we had to take the water out manually. I appreciate Isaias showing up in the daylight hours instead of the middle of the night! 
There were tornado warnings all over the place and some damage south of us. After it passed, though the weather was gorgeous, and I took a very nice walk! 

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

A Long Hot Summer- And That's Good!

A lot has happened since I last posted!
I did NOT end up going to Ohio, for the simple reason that our Governor asked that people not travel out of state, due to the virus, and there are a lot of people attending the course, from all over the country. I would have been there for two weeks, and the potential existed that I could bring the virus home, and then I would have had to quarantine for two weeks!
So that was the reason that I chose not to go, but the reason that I wasn't SUPPOSED to go is that my adventure in homeschooling isn't over.

Lilly's dessert creation

The day after I made the decision to stay home, Nina and I decided that it would be a good idea to pull Lilly from school, and for me to help Nina homeschool her. 
Nina is the driving force in all of this. She has been unhappy with the public school situation since Lilly went to middle school, although there are some good teachers, there is just to much administration to wade through for everything. It is just so cumbersome!
Nina has been choosing curriculum, writing out plans, and getting Lilly pumped!
This is really going to be so good for Lilly's path forward, with the horse, and with all of the things that she will be able to add to her education.

She is riding a new pony, at a new barn. His name is Rumple. 
I think that this is going to be a really good move, a fresh start.
At the old place, everyone knew her from when she was very small, they were all friends and Lilly had to worry about everyone's relationships. 
The new coach only knows what she is seeing, which is a very accomplished rider. I am really impressed with Lilly's ability.

We are going to be going to a co-op once a week, we will be going up to Freedom Hills theraputic riding and volunteering once a week, and she will have the opportunity to focus on things that she is excited about learning!
I am really thrilled to be creating plans and looking at books and designing curriculum again. 
One thing that we will be doing is exploring human history but with the history of the horse along with it.
Horses have been walking with humanity since the beginning of civilization, for the most part. 
I think this is really a great course for us to go through this year. It should keep her interested.

So I learned a lot this week about "Parsley worms". I had never heard of such a thing, but I had a very nice parsley plant outside, and last week I noticed a huge caterpillar, wait, no 10 caterpillars, on the plant. 

Lilly was here, and she googled it and they are, indeed, parsley worms, the larvae of beautiful swallowtail butterflies. 
So the parsley looked like this:

And ended up like this:

Then all of them packed up and headed out to make their chrysalis' elsewhere. I am bummed because I was hoping to watch them change.

Lilly and I have hiked together a few times and she is a serious hiker! 

She and I went up the river last week, and she enjoyed it, so I took her today on one of our group hikes.
We went to Susquehanna State park, and we had quite a nice little group!

It was hot, but we were under the trees, and I loved it!

So that's that for the time being. I'll try to do better at updating....

Sunday, July 19, 2020

More Hiking! Lost Pond and Lochraven Reservoir

We have now hiked a couple of trails down on the Gunpowder river, and we also had a great hike around the Lochraven reservoir. 
The weather has been hot, but most of these trails are under the trees, and it is so nice to get out and enjoy the woods!

This...I believe is the "Lost Pond" that the trail is named after! 

The Reservoir....

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Maryland Catholic Hikers- Jerusalem Mill Trail

A friend of ours just started a new group, Maryland Catholic Hikers, and we had our first hike today!
It was a beautiful morning, and the trail had a lot of shade coverage.
We started with prayer and it was wonderful to walk along and get to know each other. 
We hiked about 4 miles and we only got lost once!

I was just so happy to finally be hitting the trail, and with such special people!
We are going again on Sunday, to a different part of the state. 
Here are a few pictures from today:

Anniversary! 24 Years!

Sunday, June 28th, Tim and I celebrated 24 years of wonderful marriage!
What a graced life it has been!

We went on a hike up at Fairhill and the weather was hot but beautiful!

I'm going to let the pictures speak for me....

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Beach Day!

Yesterday was so amazing!

John and I headed out the Cape Henlopen with the Hoppels and the Andrews, and we had a wonderful day.

We had to look around for parking and that created some interesting issues later in the day, and we also got caught in a really heavy rain squall, but it was all part of the fun!

John and the other young adults did a lot of swimming, played some soccer, watched a guy with a sail board, and Susan, Paula and I had a chance to talk about a lot of things to do with the stream of life and all that we have been experiencing in our families. 

I also got very burned. I thought that I was reapplying enough sunscreen, but I was sorely mistaken. I really didn't ever want to do this to my skin again, and I hope that aloe and motrin will help out with healing. Next time I will be more careful!

Saturday, June 20, 2020

What's Up

Well, things are drifting slowly back to normal. 
People are out more, faces are visible outdoors, there are things to do again!
We have been getting together with small groups of people and it has been wonderful!

Our St Patrick's small group has met in person and our Bible study will meet this week.
I have been meeting with some of the other moms, and we are having dinner with friends again! 

The guys are running around with their friends and Paul is at a training for work today. He will be working at the Y day camps over the rest ofthe summer. Lots of exposure to little people, and while I don't worry too much about the C- virus, I do imagine that we will be getting summer colds and other things, which are more than welcome. We need to work on getting our immune systems back into shape. 

Tim and I are going to start a training for a Marriage Prep program for the parish. It looks really good! 
We will get that done before I head to Ohio for my Spiritual Direction course. 

Don't know when I will be able to get to Texas, but I will hope to make it within the next month.