Saturday, May 30, 2020

May Stuff....

Well, the Corona Crisis continues, but things are gradually opening up.
There are lots of "sides" of the issue, and there is enough talk, tension and opinion everywhere you look to keep the people that comment commentating for a very long time.

Speaking from these four walls, it is getting kind of old.
I am all for doing my part in the effort to "flatten the curve" or "slow the spead", but I am also getting really tired of the way that we have to live right now, and hearing that things are probably never going to return to normal.
It seems a little extreme to speak of a future without gatherings and community, so early in the game.
I don't like to hear it, because it feels like people are resigned to living this way and almost welcoming.

I think walking and praying are keeping my head above water.
I have been going downtown and walking around the neighborhood. It is relaxing, and I have my podcasts and my music.

I went down to the water a few days ago and it was wild.
The wind was blowing like crazy and the water was whipping up all over.

Then on Monday we had a fire and John, Tim and I had a little informal "wine tasting".
It was so nice to sit in the yard and hear the birds going to sleep and watch it getting dark.

The weather is gorgeous and Summer is here. I have so much to be grateful for!

Friday, May 8, 2020


Blogger! Don't do that! I have not been away that long!!

I opened up the page where I always go to post and it's totally, they haven't changed up like this in all the time I have been blogging. Hope it's for the better. 

Anyway, I have been away for awhile, because of all the craziness, what with the lockdown, Tim working from home, all the guys home and all, the days just seem to flow by, and yet, we are really busy!
I am reading, reading, reading. So much to study and learn.

I am doing a retreat called "Awakening Love" which is based on the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius, and it uses the Song of Songs as a guide. It is so deep and so beautiful.
I am also rereading a couple of books, one for a book club that I am doing with the homeschoolers, and one just because. 
"One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich" by Alexander Solzhenitsyn, and "The Lord of the Rings" by Tolkein.
It is a grand adventure.

Still doing puzzles too. 

I have blogged on the other blog, so that makes me feel a little bit better.

The other day Lilly came down and we made a "Covid Apple Pie". She helped cut up the apples and learned a bit about Grandma Susie's pie recipe.

I have made "King Ranch Chicken" which everyone loved, and we did fajitas last night.
I have had to get creative at times with ingredients, and right now yeast is hard to find, so I ended up ordering 2 pounds from Amazon!!
Baking bread has been pretty great. 

This weekend is the Theology of the Body Virtual Conference! I am so excited!

Went back to Classic Blogger BTW. I don't like the new publisher...Thanks anyway.

Monday, April 20, 2020

Yard Work

Well, it was a busy weekend in the backyard...

We are still staying home, but there is plenty to do, especially outside! It was a nice weekend, although a bit windy.

I am so sore, but we got a lot done and we will be working on it all summer.

So, at the very back of the yard there is a place where we have just pretty much been dumping all the branches and stuff that have come of the trees. For Years.
There is also a lot of stuff back there that we hadn't really taken a good look at for a while.
This for instance.

What looks like a little grove of small trees, would get leaves all over it every year, and it looked like it was alive and thriving. What was actually going on was that vines had grown all around the dead limbs, and they would get leaves on them. Well, we decided that it had to go, and Tim worked all weekend chopping and hacking at it. I rolled up as much as I could, and burned a lot of it in the new fire pit.

So now it looks like this:

There is a lot left to burn :

But the fire pit is on the job and I spent a lot of time tending the fire yesterday.

My hands hurt, my back hurts, and I am tired out, but it am determined to cleaned it all up.

More to come.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Still Home...

As much as I love my home and family, this lock down is getting very tiresome.
The worry when we do anything that requires us to be around other people, is really hard.
It is Spring, the weather is beautiful and we are now in the Easter season!
We are celebrating New Life in Christ, but we can't go to Mass and receive Him. We are so blest to have His Church, but we are unable to be with the church as a community, and it is such a difficult thing.
I am getting out to walk every day. I am trying to be positive. I am praying very hard that this will be over soon.
So many people need to go back to work! It is not a good thing to be idle over a long period.
Please, Lord, let this end soon.

But, someone is happy at least....

Beautiful full moon last week

Friday, April 3, 2020

A Beautiful Day- Walking Into Spring

Happy Birthday Dear Paul!

So proud and happy to wish Paul a happy 18th birthday!
As we are still in lockdown, he is unable to celebrate with his friends, but he has a very good attitude about it and I am sure that they will be making up for it as soon as possible!

Paul is such a great guy!
He is compassionate, funny, smart and has a wonderful spirit.
God has truly blest us.

Monday, March 23, 2020


Today has truly been a Monday, in every sense of the word.

The weather has been very Monday. Gray, and very rainy. All day.

We are still in Stay-at-home mode. The governor announced that all unessential businesses are to close and remain until further notice. I have no idea how long we can do this and stay solvent as a country. This hasn't happened before and I am sure some very smart people are working on this, but it gets scarier the more I read, so I am trying to avoid the news.

I went to the grocery store earlier in the day and there was still stuff on the shelves, depending on what you needed. I think going in the morning is the key.
We are so used to being able to go and shop and find whatever we want, and it is so odd to go and not be able to find just the basics that we need, let alone what we want.
People are going and buying out all of certain things so there is nothing left in the afternoon.
John is now Gluten free until he can determine whether he feels better without it.
He has a sensitivity and the doctor wants him to avoid it to see what happens.
So I am trying to make foods that suit that kind of diet. It a shift, but there are lots of options.

I have had no luck in finding a car. I extended my rental for a few more days.
The MVA is closed, and now the dealerships and probably the rental office, will be too, so I am not sure what is going to happen come Saturday.

I am not sure what is going to happen in all of this, but I know that God is in charge and He is taking care of us. I am trying to be patient and flexible.
He is trying to teach us all and I really hope we get it soon!

The guys are doing OK. Brendan is working a lot, because he works at the grocery store.
John is doing some online work and Tim is working from home.

Every day there is some kind of news. I just hope there is something good soon.

I think I will bake bread tomorrow!