Friday, October 31, 2008

So is this OK with you?

This is Planned Parenthood telling a prospective client, 22 weeks pregnant, what may happen during her abortion.
This just needs to get out there. It is an ugly truth and needs to be told.
I saw this at Culture of Life.
It makes me ill and just so confused.
How is it that a man who is OK with this, who voted AGAINST a law to stop it, is OK with half the country? I just don't get it....

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Anonymous said...

How does it happen that over half the country would vote for Obama? It is called desensitization, and it has been going on for 35 years. Much of the younger generations have learned to live with the horrors of abortion.
If Obama becomes president and he signs the Freedom of Choice Act (which he promised Planned Parenthood he would do) and Congress approves it,
FOCA will pretty much wipe away much of the progress that has been made in helping to save babies over the past 35 years. It will provide government funding for abortions - our taxpayer dollars will be used to continue to put babies to death.
God have mercy on us.
Mom and Dad