Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Inferno Update...Where are we?

I haven't made as much progress with Dante as I had hoped. We are still in the middle of the forest and Virgil is explaining the reason for his being sent to Dante. I take it there are three ladies in Heaven that have a soft spot for Dante, they asked, and Virgil accepted, being in a rather purgatorial position and able to wander around below.
Virgil reminds me of Jacob Marley. He's not quite the tormented soul, but he has the same mission. Just an observation.
I am starting to get very interested in the story. I can't wait to get the actual book, but it's working out well with the pages I printed out because there is lots of space to to write out the questions that I want to ask the group. I will be very interested to see who is on the group and what they are thinking as they read.
I'd like to be a little more contemplative about it. Maybe that will come as the story progresses.

So back to the business of 2nd grade Math and Geography. John doesn't want to write out the assignment so I will have to convince him! still in his room contemplating his clothing choices. He really takes a long time to get going in the morning! Next year is going to be a rude awakening.
He is a free little spirit right now. He woke up this morning as I was combing my hair and he noticed that I had not made my bed yet. So he laid down on it and Tim asked if he wanted the covers up. He nodded and snuggled in and before I knew it he was fast asleep. He got another hour in! Well that's how it should be when you're four!
Off I go to motivate!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My Son's Perspective on Monopoly

I played monopoly with John today.
He had waited all day and we finally got to it after I had done all the things that "have to be done" in my average day, and he had finished school.
I was rather tired but we set everything up in the school room, got the other two boys interested in something and started our game. John just loves the whole concept, and to him it is just a kick! I would expect him to take things more personally, being almost nine and starting to become more emotional, but he has a great attitude.
Well, it wasn't pretty. I started buying everything I landed on and John was staying in a more conservative "cash position". At some point in the middle of the game he started to realize why owning large amounts of property and charging ridiculous rents, trumps saving and hoping to cash in on the "free parking" block. He was great though, he kept laughing and cracking jokes about how poor he was. He kept saying "I'll bet your really happy with all that money." To which I could sagely reply,"Well, money doesn't buy happiness son." I could have said that, but I was too busy trying to figure out if I could afford to put a hotel on Marvin Gardens and still buy the one orphaned property that was left, if I happened to land on it. So John learned some very valuable life lessons today. The most important being that Monopoly can be fun, if you play with your six-year-old brother.
Seriously though, I am very impressed with the way he sees things. He has a lot of forsight and he is amazingly patient with his mother. This will be very important in the future I am sure.
I have so much respect for the way he thinks, he's a really bright kid. I am really becoming more and more impressed with the heart behind the brain! I just love watching these guys grow!

Monday, February 26, 2007

So I wonder...

Things have improved dramatically. Headache gone. School is almost finished and the kids are much more cheerful! They have a pretty big load on Monday and it is hard to get back on track after a weekend.
I wonder what it will be like when they are older? What will it be llike to try to motivate them into their teens? The girls weren't headstrong or rebellious. The boys aren't either right now. Well, not rebellious. Headstrong? At times.
Right now it's just a natural thing to teach them at home. The dynamic is great and we are in sync.
It is a challenge to keep their attention and interest and to help them stay on task.
I am constantly amazed at the gifts and talents of each one.
John is so analytical and focused. He is very responsible and does what he is told just for the sake of doing the right thing. He has such an amazing mind! He has a wonderful imagination and thinks up wonderful stories and draws the most detailed pictures. He is a dreamer and needs plenty of time to read and think.
Brendan is what "they" call a Spirited child. He is so sensitive and has such a tender soul. He takes everything so personally. I wondered how school would go for him. I thought it might be a struggle.
It has been amazing! Brendan has the ability to grasp concepts so quickly and easily, that I am constantly trying to keep up! He remembers everything! Math is easy for him and reading has been a piece of cake! I worry about keeping him challenged. He loves Science!
Paul is going to fly as well. He can read quite well already and is almost done with his kindergarten Math book.
There is so much joy in seeing them grow and learn. I could never be anywhere else!
I know that Homeschooling is a calling, I thank God for calling me!
It seems He has given me the gift of not only having them but educating them as well.
I know that not everyone is called but I sure do feel for those who are but don't think they can.
Homeschooling is like any other part of life. If you have a passion for something and you embrace it, if God wants it for you, you will have the Grace to carry it out.
I hope that I have years ahead to form and teach and challenge the minds that He has put in my care.


So this Monday started out with a migraine, two rather grumpy boys and a four-year-old with an attitude.
I am SO looking forward to next week, just very disappointed that Tim can't be with us as we explore the Great Wolf Lodge and Jamestown.
The boys probably won't be that impressed with Jamestown, 400 years old or not. They will be very distracted by the Hotel.
We are staying at the Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg, VA.
Laura gets to go and relax for a few days! Maybe next year we'll take the whole gang!
Tim, Laura, Nina, the boys and two babies!
It is going to be so much fun to spend time with our TORCH friends!
I will get home to a challenge though. I have to teach co-op the next morning and Lucy's shower is that weekend!
So how am I going to accomplish all this reading and studying that I am attempting?
Late at night I guess. I am taking the laptop. I've got it all outfitted for the car and the boys can play games or watch movies on the way down. While I'm there I plan to take full advantage of the wireless benefits. I can update everything! yea!!
Well, for some reason the boys think it's lunch time and school won't progress until I get that out of the way.
Brendan has finished Math and reading. John is into his Math lesson and has a couple of the more challenging subjects out of the way, so school this afternoon should go pretty quickly.
No Art. I would love to go and visit with the ladies after the lesson, but I am desparately trying to keep the boys healthy until we leave!
Back after school.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

So this is a new one...

Hmm... I have been interested in a blog as a place to set down a few things when the Spirit moves me. So I'll give it a try. I've never been much for journaling, but I've never met a journal I really liked. Maybe this will be a place to go to collect my thoughts. Once they are collected, I have to put them somewhere or they get lost.
I can't really say that any of them are particularly insightful, but maybe someone, someday will post a response that is!

Well Dante calls... Have to get through a Canto tonight. I'll post as I journey through the "Inferno",
then I can come back later and review what I learned as I journeyed through Hell with Dante.

I intended that this blog would be about lessons learned and not just by me. So this will be a great place to start. Lessons learned from a writer who wrote 700 years ago! Interesting...