Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Life of Maggie...

A day at the spa leaves me SO exhausted....

Being beautiful is such a chore!

Fashion photographer focuses on those with genetic conditions to reframe beauty

You can't watch this with a dry eye....
Fashion photographer focuses on those with genetic conditions to reframe beauty

40 Days For Life! Here We Go!

I always love the start of a new "40 Days For Life" campaign.
So much promise, so much possibility.
God has been so good to His faithful in this effort.
He promised that if we pray and fast, He will heal our land, and there is so much going on in that regard. Read on...

DAY 1: Discover what God can do!

September 25th, 2013 by admin

40 Days for Life has officially begun in 306 cities across America and around the globe!
I just spoke at a 40 Days for Life kickoff event in California, David Bereit, our national director, helped get things started in Birmingham, Alabama, Steve Karlen, our North American outreach director spoke at the Dallas, Texas kickoff event, and Robert Colquhoun, our international outreach director, is launching campaigns in London.
To celebrate the launch of this campaign, here’s a BRAND-NEW short video that shows what God is accomplishing through 40 Days for Life — and how YOU can make a lifesaving impact over these 40 days.
In this short video, you’ll meet people whose lives are forever changed … because of faithful, prayerful volunteers … during 40 Days for Life.
In the video, you’ll meet people whose lives have been forever changed … thanks to faithful 40 Days for Life volunteers.
You’ll hear from former Planned Parenthood managers — and a woman who chose life for her baby, simply because people were outside the abortion center praying for her … and her child.
Please share this video with everyone you know … so they can discover what 40 Days for Life is all about — and so they can join you in this worldwide movement to end the injustice of abortion!
40 Days for Life location nearest you. Click on the city name — and sign up to get involved!
Here’s the link to today’s devotional.
For life,
Shawn Carney
Campaign Director
40 Days for Life

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Picture Post

I have been having so much trouble with Blogger that I have a month's worth of photos to post!
Here are the highlights....
Techbrick Robotics! 

Sryo-Malabar Mass at the Basilica in DC

Barred Owl at the Plumpton Park Zoo

Another Little Critter at the zoo!

Nina, Lilly and Melman

Lilly and Mimi

Wild and crazy Petunias

Moon watching....

Happy Birthday Lilly!

Field trip
Paul and Tommy with their Lamb's Ear "band-aids"

Table set for a Colonial dinner


Harvest time

Cherry Crest Adventure

Into the Maize maze

We got through it!

 Brendan and Brett

Work day

Pumpkin patch

Lancaster Farmland

The Train to Paradise

Such a lovely day for a drive....

Thursday, September 5, 2013

I Should Have Paid Attention.... Government class.
I would have picked up on this. Now my boys probably have, in some corner of their minds, a little blue train with a big red agenda and a hammer and sickle painted on his coal-box.

Why Thomas the Tank Engine is a Commie Plot

I have all these deep thoughts I’ve been thinking about the post I wrote last week, combined with even deeper thoughts sparked by a comment thread happening on that silly Walk Feminine post. But all these deep thoughts are still percolating in the realm of thoughtful thinking and haven’t actually transformed into words with syllables, much less a coherent grammatical structure, so today I’m going to tell you why you should immediately stop letting your kids watch Thomas the Tank Engine.
Here’s a hint:

I’m so not even kidding, y’all. Thomas the Tank Engine is totally a commie plot.
Listen, I used to be just like you. Another college-educated young mom (or dad, which I never was, but something something inclusive language) who thought that Thomaswas not only harmless (no violence!) but also not irritating (no songs that make you suicidal! (I’m looking at you, Little Einsteins)). Plus it taught the kids morals, right? I mean, some engine or other was always doing something naughty and having to learn not to do that naughty thing, so, morals.
Actually, I was so pro-Thomas that when I was pregnant with Charlotte, the Ogre and I took Sienna to see Thomas the Tank Engine Live! in Las Vegas.
I was so excited as I watched Sienna drink her Sprite in big gulps, her eyes getting wider and wider as the audience filled up and the lights dimmed, until finally I thought they would pop right out of her head when the stage lights blazed and the curtain came up.
The first 30 seconds were all I had hoped they would be. There was a giant, life-size Thomas, and all these pinstriped, dancing conductors, and they were all merrily singing –
Read the rest HERE

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

At the Tail-end of the First Day of the School Year

Pray for us!
Well, we did it.
We are done with the first day of the 2013/2014 School Year.
I think it went fairly well.
The guys have new books and new ways to use them, and that's always a bit slow at the beginning.
All in all though, I think they are going to do great.

John and Brendan are in some of the same classes at co-op, but John is a Junior and Brendan is just dipping his toes into High School. We started out with some pretty heavy reading, but he is doing great and we will get through a few more chapters tomorrow.
They are also working in a new math program. "Teaching Textbooks". I was rather reluctant to leave Saxon, because I think it has given the boys a really good foundation in Math, but John just doesn't need their Advanced Math, since he will be going up to the college for Math next year, and Brendan will probably really enjoy using the videos. He is a great Math student, but he gets bogged down with the reading, and he needs to see the problems done as examples. Saxon is very reading intensive. Still, he did fine in it last year.
He is going to have a lot on his plate this year. History is a pretty easy book, but there is a lot to take in at once. We will work on the presentations tomorrow.
Literature has a lot of potential. I love discussing Literature with kids. I love seeing their minds catch hold of the thoughts and dreams of so many years ago.

Paul is flying through his work right now. He has less to do, but he reads so fast that he finishes before everyone else.

The boys all went to their respective Robotics teams tonight and they are finding their nitches. I am going to be a lot less involved than I had hoped, between having Lilly here at night, and my various meetings and such. Tuesdays are usually pretty full.

So glad that Laura came up with a GREAT menu calendar, complete with recipes, that she shared.
It has so many crock-pot recipes, that I am confident that I can get something on the table every night!
Even the nights that we are scrambling to get out the door!

I am looking forward to some field trips and some fun times with friends too. The school year is structured, but after I get into it I really like that.

St Elizabeth Ann Seton....Pray for us!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Closing the Pool....

It's always so hard to say good-bye to Summer vacation, and for our family, the last day of pool season signifies the last of the care-free, sleep-in, unstructured days of the Summer season.
Oh, there will be another month of gorgeous, warm weather. There will be nights out by the fire and trips to local farms. But it won't be Summer.

School starts tomorrow, and we are still in the state of denial that Labor day allows. It's Monday after all. Any week that starts with Tuesday is a sight better than a five day week.

Here are a few pictures of the antics of the last evening at the Pool.

Mr Hoppel!!

Paul's handstand

Saint Timothy...Pray for Us

The latest addition to our little "Cloud of Witnesses"

From Wikipedia~
Saint Timothy is mentioned in the Bible at the time of Paul's second visit to Lystra in Anatolia, where Timothy is mentioned as a "disciple". Timothy's mother was "a Jewish woman who was a believer" but his father was Greek, that is not a Jew. Timothy had not been circumcised, and Paul now ensured that this was done, according to the text, to ensure Timothy’s acceptability to the Jews they would be evangelizing to.[4] According to McGarvey[5] Paul performed the operation "with his own hand", but others claim this is unlikely and nowhere attested.[citation needed]
Timothy accompanied Paul for the next few years, traveling with him through Phrygia and Galatia, and into Europe to Philippi andThessalonia, and was sent back to the latter city to aid the congregation there, to rejoin Paul in Corinth where he aided Paul in evangelizing that city. Timothy next appears in Acts during Paul's stay in Ephesus (54-57), and in late 56 or early 57 Paul sent him forth to Macedonia with the aim that he would eventually arrive at Corinth.[6] Timothy arrived at Corinth just after 1 Corinthians reached that city. The letter was not well received, and Timothy quickly returned to Ephesus to report this to Paul. Timothy was with Paul in Corinth during the winter of 57-58 when Paul dispatched his Letter to the Romans.[7] According to Acts 20:3-6, Timothy was with Paul in Macedonia just before Passover 58; he left the city before Paul, going ahead of him to await Paul in Troas.[8] "That is the last mention of Timothy in Acts," Raymond Brown notes.[9]
His relationship with Paul was close. Timothy's name appears as the co-author on 2 CorinthiansPhilippiansColossians1 Thessalonians2 Thessalonians, and Philemon. Paul wrote to the Philippians about Timothy, "I have no one like him."[10]
His mother, Eunice, and his grandmother, Lois, are noted as eminent for their piety and faith,[11] which indicates that they may have also been Christians. Timothy is praised by Paul for his knowledge of the Scriptures (in the 1st century mostly the Septuagint, see Development of the New Testament canon#Clement of Rome), and is said to have been acquainted with the Scriptures since childhood.[12]
That Timothy was jailed at least once during the period of the writing of the New Testament is implied by the writer of Hebrews mentioning Timothy's release at the end of the epistle. It is also apparent that Timothy had some type of stomach malady, owing to Paul's advice in 1 Timothy 5:23, counseling Timothy to "No longer drink water exclusively, but use a little wine for the sake of your stomach and your frequent ailments."
Paul commanded Timothy to remain in Ephesus (1 Timothy 1) "I command you to stay there in Ephesus" to prevent heresy from infecting the church in Ephesus. Paul also gave Timothy instructions for establishing Elders and Deacons there. These very guidelines have become the commonly used guidelines among churches across the world to this day. According to later tradition, Paul consecrated Timothy as bishop of Ephesus in the year 65, where he served for 15 years. The later apocryphal Acts of Timothy states that in the year 97 (with Timothy dying at age 80), the bishop tried to halt a pagan procession of idols, ceremonies, and songs. In response to his preaching of the gospel, the angry pagans beat him, dragged him through the streets, and stoned him to death. In the 4th century, his relics were transferred to the Church of the Holy Apostles in Constantinople.

Veneration[edit source | editbeta]

Rembrandt's Timothy and his grandmother, 1648.
Timothy is venerated as an apostle, saint and martyr by the Eastern Orthodox Church, with his feast day on 22 January. The Roman Catholic calendar of saints venerates Timothy together with Titus with a memorial on 26 January.