Thursday, June 9, 2016

There's no Place Like Home...

...too bad I don't get to be there much...

What. A. Day.

I don't know how anyone can drive for a living, but then again i drive pretty much constantly and I seldom get paid.

Today was an early one, with John heading off to work at 7:30, which means that we get going at 6:30. Not so bad if you didn't stay up late the night before.  I got Lilly ready for school and onto the bus, then it was time to get the boys going, and get laundry done, and get the stuff outside for donation, and get the dishes done.....

I headed out to Fr Henry's at noon, and it was a rather slow drive, so I didn't get there until 1:00.  When I got there we went down to the Bistro for lunch, so that was very nice. We went back up to his apartment and had a visit, also very nice, and then I had to get back on the road by 3:00. I had to get gas, get John dinner, and pick him up from work at 4:30, so he could eat and go to driver's ed at 5:00. Then I ran to the store for dinner stuff, ran home, cooked dinner, did the dishes, and ran back out to do a review for a homeschooling friend, which was also very nice, except for having to sit at the gate to APG for 15 minutes while they decided whether I was a serious threat, or just stupid for trying to get on post after the visitor's center is closed.
After the review I went to Wal-Mart so that the family would all die of hunger, because the only food we had in the house was stuff that had to be cooked. oh, the inconvenience.
I got home and put everything away, and now it's time for bed.
I am exhausted.
At least I should be able to stay home most of tomorrow. I hope.

On the bright side, we got news from the hospital already! The GI doctor called first thing this morning to let us know that Paul's scan showed that his stomach empties REALLY slowly. They are going to try a simple treatment with a common medication and see if that helps. Sure hope so!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Hi Blog...

I've really got to get better about this. I have no excuse.
I have a new computer after all!
I am working a bit more now, but that should just add a bit more to the texture of life.

Getting back to work has been so wonderful! I have been working with so many wonderful ladies, I have been writing blog posts, which I really enjoy, I have been even giving a bit of thought to a book that I might start putting together. I guess everyone says that don't they?

I feel like I am starting to look at what life after homeschooling is going to be like, and I know that a job I enjoy, with a great company, is going to play a very large role.
I truly love homeschooling and I guess I was just born to be a teacher. Organizing has a very strong instructive element to it, and it feeds my love of communication.

I have been doing a LOT of driving, which makes all things home-based rather a challenge. There isn't a day that goes by that we don't have an appointment, job commitment, or outside activity that has to be attended. The poor van has a lot more miles than I would have thought, but I don't see a way around it.
Just today Paul and I had to drive to Wilmington for a test that he needed. He is still struggling with appetite and weight issues, and the doctors thought that it might be helpful to see how things go after he eats them. He wasn't allowed to eat anything after 7:30am and we got up there around 11:30. He was given a radioactive egg sandwich to eat, and they started taking pictures. It was a four hour test. A lot of sitting around. We won't know the results of the scan for a week or two, but if nothing else we will know what the problem is not.

John is very busy now.
He works full time at the Marriott Hotel at Ripkin Stadium, he is taking Driver Ed, and he has a new mini-bike.  He always has something going on, and a big project.
He is going to be 18 on Sunday!! My first adult boy.

Happy Birthday to Tim!!
My dear husband is a year older today!!
I am so happy that we are able to celebrate him.
Because of all the details of the day, we will celebrate this weekend. We'll go out to dinner, and I will give him his present!

Brendan is not having any medical tests, he doesn't have a job, and he is almost done with school. Life is good when you're Brendan. The job situation probably needs to change, but he should enjoy it while he can.

So on we go. I am going to REALLY try to post on here on a more regular basis.

Things are going well right now.
There's food on the table and a roof that doesn't leak.

God is good.