Saturday, October 31, 2009

All Hallow's Eve...

It's quite the perfect weather and mood for Halloween.
Tomorrow we celebrate All Saint's Day! So happy All Saint's to all of you!

Here's a little bit about St Genevieve, the Saint that my name comes from.

If you want to find out about your patron, you can probably find them here:

Patron Saints Index

When she was seven years old, Genevieve met Saint Germanus of Auxerre on his way to England. Germain befriended her because of her insistence on wanting to live her life for God, and prophesied her future sanctity. She took the veil at age 15. Prophesied invasions and disasters for Paris. Could read consciences and calm the possessed. When Paris was besieged by the Franks, she encouraged its defense, organized prayers for God’s protection of the city, and led an expedition for food to relieve the siege. Caused a church to be built on the tomb of Saint Denis. In 1129, the procession of her relics through Paris is believed to have ended an epidemic.





Friday, October 30, 2009

The Vampire Craze Explained...

H/T Creative Minority Report

Old Navy? Who's Doing Your Buying?

I am very curious about this. I found it on American Papist this morning.

I can't quite figure out why The Sacred Heart is showing up on a T-Shirt from Old Navy, a secular clothing outlet. I'm not complaining. I just wonder why? Is this to appeal to a certain culture?
The description reads like they just stumbled onto the design and thought it looked cool.
Well, I do love the Sacred Heart and I know that Our Lord uses every opportunity to gather souls to His Heart.
Hmmm...The medium might not understand the message, but that won't stop The Word, it never has.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

This Week We are Studying....

Epidemiological patterns of the H1N1 Virus within the domestic purview.

Yeah, we had a week off of school to enjoy the natural wonders of the human immune system:

Fever- Burns up those nasty little bugs

Sinus Congestion- This is how the upper respiratory system tries to flush out those nasty little buggies, and one reason we need to drink LOTS of water!

Sore Throat-This is where the sinus congestion hits the delicate nasal membranes, oh and the Lymph system hits back.

Coughing- This is how those precious lungs keep the very nasty bugs from setting up housekeeping.

Body Aches- What happens to your muscles and joints when your body is busy using all it's resources to kill nasty bugs. Literally, the war your body is fighting against them (boys love this image). And what happens when you don't drink enough water.

Exhaustion- The condition your body ends up in when it is using up all the ammo on nasty bugs. And what happens when you don't drink enough water.

We have had some very interesting discussions this week, and given the fact that I have three boys, these conversations are not really dinner table topics.
There is just nothing like the "hands-on" approach to education. This week we have gotten up close and personal with one of the most infamous critters in modern times.

We had a very interesting experience with some Holy Oil that I had been given for anointing. Thanks Jeannie! So this was also a week for Spiritual Growth as well.

We'll get back to Math, English, and Spelling next week, but I think we have learned enough about biology over the last few days to last the rest of the year....Thanks.

Pray HARD For Stellan!

Little Stellan turns one today, and he is lying in the hospital.
His little heart is not cooperating at all.
Please go to McMama's blog, read about this sweet little guy, this special family, and then pray, pray, pray!!!
This year has been so hard for them, and yet they are so upbeat and positive, and Stellan has done so well, despite his prognosis.
Many Blessings and Prayers on your Birthday, Sweet Stellan.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Beautiful Autumn...

Just a few pictures that I took of our yard in it's Autumn glory...

Oh and Paul, at the height of his Pig Flu attack...

I am too tired to blog any more than pictures tonight.
Maybe tomorrow.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

If Only All Jobs Could Be This Much Fun!

OK, so it's the Backstreet Boys they're playing with...
You can't have everything!

EMBED-Office Workers' Awesome Backstreet Boys Lipdub - Watch more free videos

H/T To Creative Minority Report

How God Sees...

The image of God is truly printed on the soul of this young man...

Thanks to Barbara and Catherine...

Friday, October 23, 2009

Is it REALLY Friday?

Gee, what a long week it has been...
Poor Tim got sick on Sunday night and he was dragging all week. We are unsure what the culprit is. The Doctor said that it is just some random virus and he gave him a Z-pac to fight the sinus bugs, and some GREAT codeine cough medicine.
He had a fever all week, until last night. It has made sleeping at all a challenge, and sleeping with the C-pap a near impossibility.

Now, Paul has come down with the crud and has been feeling lousy since this morning. I am hoping that he will wake up feeling much better tomorrow. Sunday is the first "Christmas Carol" rehearsal and I hate for him to miss it, but I guess if you have to get sick it's best to do it at the beginning...

Our TV died last weekend, and I agonized for several days trying to figure out the best route to go on a new one. We aren't the big screen types, but I did want to get one that could stream from the broadband router, because we mostly use the computer to watch stuff. The boys are gathered around the computer monitor right now watching some old show or other. So, I didn't go crazy and get a home theater system, but I did find one that will do what we want.

We got through most of our school week. We have to do our Science experiment tomorrow, because Paul was laid out on the couch all day. We have Co-op homework and John has to start memorizing several lines from "Hiawatha" over the next week. John is going to be Hiawatha and there are about 10 kids that will be doing many more lines than he will. They are going to make a theatrical production out of it. It should be an interesting venture...
John also has to design a vehicle that moves, from a mousetrap, for his Science co-op. He is doing a really good job.

We are hoping to get a little sanding and staining done on the trim around here and at least get the front window done, since the blinds and valance are inhabiting the playroom and I REALLY need that room! I am spoiled by it now. I moved everything around for the night so that Paul can sleep there and I can hear him. Then I can be aware if he gets restless and make sure his fever doesn't get too high. I love having that room right across the hall.
We will get it fixed up eventually as well. It needs a little sprucing up. We finally got rid of the old, nasty A/C unit and have a nice window in there. It is so much brighter!

I am going to go give Paul one more going over. Want to check his temp, and of course question him until he can't stand it any more! Hope he feels MUCH better tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Another New Look...

Once again our old house is getting a bit of a facelift.

We had the ceiling patched and re textured, finally. It was in need and after the guys were done we just decided to leave the pictures off the walls, keep the furniture put away, and paint the whole place.

There are some other changes underway as well. We have decided to put a new counter top in the kitchen. We toyed with the idea of replacing the cabinets, but they just aren't that bad and I felt like the money we saved is worth trying to salvage these. Tim thinks he will put a cornice on the top, to add a finishing touch. We are going to dress up the kitchen with a few other touches as well.

Tim tore out all the old, ugly molding,
and he is going to replace it with real, stained wood. It will be so nice! I have a scheme to dress up the nasty heat registers, and if it works, they will look pretty neat. If it doesn't, they can't look much worse!

I am just so happy to be getting going on this project. These pictures, as usual, do not show the true color.

It has been needed for a long time, but that's OK because we are going slow and we haven't had to take out any loans, we have been able to keep saving and paying down the house. All in all being patient is paying off. We will soon have a vast improvement, and no debt. True, we are doing it ourselves, and my paint job says that loud and clear, but it is an old house, it is a loved house, and it is our house so that's OK. Well, Tim may have a Love/Hate relationship with it, but someday maybe there won't be anything left to do!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Christmas Carol- Milburn Stone Style

Well I hadn't posted it yet because I wasn't sure what the end result was going to be.

However, a couple of weeks ago, Paul and I travel over the river and through the woods to audition at the Milburn Stone Theater for "A Christmas Carol- The Musical".

This has always been my hands down favorite Christmas story, so if I was ever going to sing in public again, this had to be it.

I was just hoping for a part in the chorus. Paul was hoping for any role he could get, because he LOVES the stage! It's in the Hendry/Rarity blood, you know... he's a chip off the old block.
I never thought I was, but today we found out what our roles are and I am really thinking that this is going to be fun!

Paul will be playing Fred's son and Ignorance. He's just enough of a waif yet.
I got the part of Mrs Mopps, who is Scrooge's housekeeper. That's a bigger part than I figured I would have.
I really got bitten by the bug during "The King and I" and I am really looking forward to getting started. I can't wait to see who is in all the other roles! I know that Paula, Danielle, Maria and Lizzy are in several different parts. The girls play Fred's daughters and Paula is Granny Chuzzlewit. We can all expect bit parts in different scenes.

I love the music, I love the story, I love watching Paul onstage, ...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Farewell to One of the Best....

In Memoriam Christopher J. Klicak

A longtime champion of homeschooling rights around the globe, Home School Legal Defense Association Senior Counsel and Director of State and International Relations Christopher J. Klicka was called home by his Lord on October 12, 2009, at age 48, following a 15-year battle with multiple sclerosis. An attorney, spokesman, lobbyist, and homeschooling husband and father, Chris is survived by his wife, Tracy, their seven children (ages 11–21), and his parents, Ardath and George Klicka.

“Chris was both a people person and a goal person. He cared deeply about people, but was also driven to always do more!” says HSLDA President J. Michael Smith. “He was the most determined person I ever met in my life. Even with all the things he accomplished every day at HSLDA, he continually wanted to tackle new challenges and serve homeschoolers in more and better ways. He was so focused on the homeschooling world, but he was also very much focused on his family and dedicated to raising his children.”

An integral part of Home School Legal Defense Association’s staff for 24 years, Chris was HSLDA’s first full-time employee, first executive director, and first full-time attorney. He believed passionately that homeschooling was the best educational method for children and demonstrated that passion in every area of his life.

Chris and Tracy homeschooled all seven of their children. He traveled across the United States (and around the world) defending families’ right to homeschool and advocating homeschooling. He participated in countless radio interviews on homeschooling issues. He wrote five books on homeschooling, penned numerous articles, and had two more books in progress when he passed away. He lobbied state legislators, U.S. senators, and foreign diplomats to support homeschooling. He sought greater freedom for homeschooling parents and students in every area—from local school districts to sports associations, college admissions departments, and military recruitment requirements. He sought to educate the educators, truant officers, policemen, judges, and even social workers about the benefits and legality of homeschooling.

Even deeper than his passion for homeschooling was his deep love for his Lord. We may never know how many people Chris inspired to homeschool or continue homeschooling, or how many people he inspired to draw near to his Lord.

“Chris’s accomplishments as a lawyer for homeschooling are clear and of value that cannot be overstated. He was one of the most important pioneers of our movement,” says HSLDA Chairman Mike Farris. “He believed that this truly is God’s way to teach children to love God. He believed it deeply. His conviction was infectious. He was a man of single-hearted devotion that I have never, ever seen equaled. The passion that Chris felt for the mission to which God called him never, ever, ever, ever dimmed, even slightly.”

HSLDA deeply appreciates and honors Chris’s life and his dedicated contribution to our organization and to homeschooling. Our staff will miss him more than we can express, and we are praying with and for his family. The homeschooling movement has lost one of its greatest advocates and friends, but Chris leaves an incredible legacy of freedom and awareness of homeschooling to the thousands of homeschooled students whose parents have made The Right Choice.

”I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. Now there is in store for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to me on that day-and not only to me, but also to all who have longed for his appearing.“ II Timothy 4:7-8

”Be faithful, even to the point of death, and I will give you the crown of life.“ Revelation 2:10

As A Mom...

Check this out.

Barbara Curtis was on Glenn Beck last week and you can see her in the clips here.

Also, there is a fantastic new movement rising out of all of the political and social turmoil we are facing today. See, I KNEW so much good would come out of all this!

The 9-12 Project is a spin-off of the Glenn Beck show that featured Barbara and a whole audience full of moms that care about the future of this country.

From the Site:

On Friday September 25, 2009 Glenn Beck had a special entitled “The Mother’s Challenge: A 9.12 Project.” During the final thoughts section Dr. Frank I. Luntz said, “If you begin everything with ‘as a mom…‘ You win.” That thought, and a brilliant comment by Nancy, during a discussion of the feeling of being alone, referring to her friends calling themselves “Sisterhood of the mommy patriots,” were the inspirations for starting this site.

The purpose of this group is to give a forum for moms of all types to come together to discuss and resolve issues. Through the centuries women a have bonded together to teach and mentor one another. In the spirit of those foremothers let us now come together. Many of you have questions, some of you have answers. Some of you may know what textbooks teach a good history of our nation. Others can mentor a first time school board candidate...

In addition to the 9 values we add this one: Children are a gift from God and a sacred responsibility

If you can begin your statement or question with “As a mom…” then it belongs here. (No you don’t need to begin the statement that way.) All we ask is that we treat one another possible differing views with the same respect that we teach our children to use.

You are not alone. As A Mom...We Win.

Although this IS the official site As seen on Glenn Beck TV and heard on the radio, this site is not any way affiliated with the Glenn Beck Program, Glenn Beck, or any radio station, Cable TV Network, etc. we are a separate entity.

This is a labor of love by Mommy Patriots who wholeheartedly subscribe to the 9 Principles & the 12 Values of the 9.12 Project, as well as The Constitution of the United States of America.

To learn more and join, if you are so inclined go to "As A Mom"

USS New York

USS New York Makes Maiden Voyage From New Orleans to New York City

Tuesday , October 13, 2009


NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana —

The USS New York is heading from New Orleans to its namesake city on its maiden voyage Tuesday morning.

The warship is an amphibious transport dock ship that was built in Louisiana and named in honor of the victims of the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. It incorporates in its construction nearly eight tons of steel salvaged from the fallen World Trade Center towers.

The USS New York left south Louisiana, where it was built, on Tuesday. The Navy will officially commission it in New York in early November.

Organizers of a "line the levees" event in the New Orleans area are expecting several thousand people to turn out for a send-off there.

Organizer Lola Lass says she expects a festive, patriotic scene. Flags were being handed out to people gathering at a riverfront park.

Thousands of workers helped build the ship at Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding's yard in Avondale.

A company spokesman says two ships under construction — Arlington and Somerset — will join the New York as 9-11 "tribute" ships.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

To Texas...And a Few Other Things...

So much has been going on over the last few days!
I need a weekend from the weekend!

As Laura and Andrew have been preparing to take off for Ft Worth and the exciting new job/home/life that they are embarking on, I was trying to balance all of our daily obligations with getting to see them as much as possible...

Tuesday I had a class to teach at HCC, Wednesday Paul and I auditioned for "A Christmas Carol" up at Cecil College, and finally Thursday we were able to get over to visit with everyone for awhile.

Andrew's brother Kevin and his new wife, Christine, were preparing for their wedding, and Laura was in the middle of baking about 600, yes 600, cookies for the wedding. Enough to fill gift bags for 200 guests.

Laura and the girls took a break and we went out to Chili's for dinner.

We had a really nice time, and then we went back to the Cooke home and bagged cookies for awhile.

Friday was not too crazy. Piano lessons, school and then choir rehearsal for Paul.
Saturday I worked for a few hours, and then we went to Mass, we came home, and I made Pumpkin Bread and a fruit salad for a reception at our church.

This morning was "wheels-up" for the Cooke family, and so we went over to Finksburg to have breakfast and say "farewell".
We had a very nice time, enjoyed being in their company and giving lots of kisses the the little girls, including Lilly!

Nina and Johnny came along and that was very nice too!

After we said "Good-bye" we headed back home, made a quick stop to pick up the food and then went over to Good Shepherd to attend the Blessing of the Memorial Stone. This was such a special event. Having lost our three little ones, this gives us a special place to remember them. This is their memorial too.

We had a little reception afterward The upcoming week may be quieter...or not.
We'll just have to wait and see, I guess!

Our Man Damien

For a very long time I have had a soft spot in my heart for Father Damien of Molokai.
The gift of his very life to the suffering lepers of the island of Molokai, Hawaii, has touched me in many ways and at many times.

Today, our hero is recognized officially by the Church.

St Damien of Molokai.

Here is a little information:

Pope Elects 5 New Saints

Sunday , October 11, 2009



Pope Benedict XVI canonized five new saints Sunday, including a 19th century priest who worked with leprosy patients on an isolated Hawaiian island, praising them as models of perfection for sacrificing themselves for others.

Among the pilgrims packing St. Peter's Basilica was Hawaii resident Audrey Toguchi, an 80-year-old retired teacher whose recovery from lung cancer a decade ago was called miraculous by the Vatican.

She had prayed to Belgium-born Jozef De Veuster, more commonly known as Father Damien, who himself died from leprosy on Molokai island in 1889.

During the ceremony, which lasted more than two hours, Toguchi and her doctor, Walter Chang, joined a procession of faithful bringing relics of the new saints to Benedict at the central altar of the basilica.

The pontiff said the newly canonized had taken up the call of Jesus to give themselves totally without "calculation or personal gain."

"Their perfection, in the logic of a faith that is humanly incomprehensible at times, consists in no longer placing themselves at the center, but choosing to go against the flow and live according to the Gospel," Benedict said in his homily.

Originally, the ceremony was set for St. Peter's Square to accommodate the tens of thousands of pilgrims expected to participate and cheer on their local heroes. The Vatican didn't say why the Mass ended up being celebrated in the basilica, but occasional thunderstorms had drenched Rome over the past two days.

In his homily, Benedict praised Damien's missionary work, saying that "not without fear and repugnance, he chose to go to the island of Molokai to serve the lepers who were there, abandoned by all."

"Thus he exposed himself to the disease they suffered from. He felt at home with them," the pope said, speaking in Flemish. He added that the missionary contracted leprosy, also known as Hansen's disease, suffering from it during the last four years of his life.

After the ceremony, the pope came out on the basilica's central balcony to greet the crowd in the square. Speaking about Damien in French, he told the pilgrims "I encourage you to support with your prayers and efforts those involved with generosity in the battle against leprosy and other forms of leprosy caused by lack of love or cowardliness."

Sufferers of the disease, which can result in disfigurement, had been ostracized for centuries by their societies, towns and even families. Benedict said Damien "invites us to open our eyes to the lepers that disfigure the humanity of our brothers and today still calls, more than for our generosity, for the charity of our serving presence."

Two leprosy patients participated in one of the processions in the ceremony.

And this is an amazing story about the painting above that was painted, in a very special way, by an artist with ALS in honor of Fr Damien. This painting will be given to the Holy Father this week. What an amazing story!!!

Pope Benedict to receive paralyzed artist’s portrait of Fr. Damien

Thursday, October 8, 2009


The Swine flu.
What will YOU do?

This is just too confusing. We have a virus out there floating around. It's a new one.
I keep hearing different reports about what this thing really is.

A nasty bug that is killing children and pregnant women. It attacks the young and healthy.

A virus that is milder than the seasonal flu and is already spreading all over the country, with cases in every school, and this is before the vaccine is readily available.

We have never gotten the flu shot before, we have, in fact, gotten the flu, and recovered.
We don't have any underlying health conditions in the household.
If that were something to take into consideration, I'm not sure what I would do.

Vaccination has not been necessary in the past. What makes this virus so different?
Is it really different? If it is different, why are there so many opinions out there?
Why are some doctors afraid to vaccinate their own kids with this vaccine?
It is so hard to get through the politics and agendas!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Depths of Disappointment...

This is Nate.

Nate is two.

Nate loves motorcycles.

When Nate's Mommy asked him what he wanted to be for Halloween, Nate said "A Dirt Bike Rider!"

Nate was very excited when his Mommy told him that his Dirt Bike Rider costume had come in the mail.

Nate then realized that the costume came WITHOUT the Dirt Bike...

Poor Nate...

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Crafty, Crafty...

Well, we have been very creative around here lately.

I finished Molly's quilt, last week actually, but I have pictures now.
I loved this fabric so much!

Last weekend, while we were at the Apple Festival, Laura and I found a lady selling the cutest beanbags...

Visions of the boxes of fabric that I have been saving to do "something" with someday came to mind.

So. Laura bought the split peas, I cut out the fabric, and we have several new sets of the CUTEST beanbags for the little ones.

The most inspired project of Laura's visit was the result of Lucy's obsession with buttons.
I have a collection of buttons that I got from Grandma Hendry years ago. They are all very old and some of them are so neat! I just love looking through them from time to time.
Lucy sat down with the button box and just sorted and sifted and commented for hours! It was so cute!
So Laura was looking at them and she had the BEST idea! She took out the ones that she and Lucy loved the best, and she dug out some fabric and sewed those old buttons on.

Then she sewed them to backs and stuffed them with batting and now she has two of the NEATEST pillows. A little bit of her heritage and a great thing for Lucy to sit and contemplate.

I am tired, but what a neat send off for my dear ones...I can think about Molly sleeping with her quilt, the girls playing with their beanbags in their new house, and Lucy and Laura and their "Button" Pillows.

I Can't Resist...

Thanks for a solid dose of reality CMR!