Saturday, May 31, 2014

What Would Happen....

....If we really got serious about changing our eating habits around here? Not to lose weight, or get into some crazy self-improvement fad, but to really improve the way that our bodies and minds function?
It is an idea that I revisit more often all the time.
Obesity is fast becoming a world-wide epidemic.
Our family isn't dealing with that right now, praise God, but we have so many other reasons for becoming more intentional about the way we eat. So many auto-immune disorders in the family, and so many things that are going on that might not be eradicated by eating better, but might certainly be eased.
I have always felt that it's important to treat our bodies according to the intentions of the Designer. We were made to wander, hunting and gathering is what our ancestors did for thousands of years, as our bodies developed into the form that we have now. Jogging and lifting were things that were done sporadically. Walking and climbing are natural exercise for us.
Foods that one can collect and eat raw were what our predecessors ate most often, for the longest period of our evolution. Meat was hard to come by, and it required skill to kill and dress large animals, so it isn't meant to be a daily thing. Fish, more likely, but still it requires skill and a certain amount of luck. I am thinking about people before there was cultivation and animal husbandry. Eggs could be found, and plants were everywhere. and there was an abundance of these things during the growing season.

Now, I know people didn't live very long, due to many factors, but food and exercise went hand in hand and there was a LOT of the latter and less of the former, which is the reverse of the way we live today. For us, food is too available, too attractive, and too much a part of our social patterns.
It's not that eating paleo was a formula for a long life, at the time, because there were a lot of other things that could kill you, but it was the way our bodies were designed to function best.
Which brings me to the way our family is eating today, and why it is so hard to get out of that rut.
We eat WAY too much fat and sugar.  We eat way too many refined foods. I feed our family meat or chicken on a much too regular basis. It's just the way we have always eaten. I grew up eating healthy, but probably too much.
Our expectations for regular, generous meals are probably way out of line, but that's what we have come to expect, and so anything else seems like a radical move.
So I am pondering, and researching. I will have to broach the subject with the boys, and that's something that might work well over the Summer, when we are all crazy-busy and outside a lot more. More veggies, more fruit, less meat, and more creativity. That's on me.
I just want everyone to think before they eat, and to feel good being active. For a long time.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Our Lilly

Nina took Lilly out for a photo shoot with a friend who is quite a photographer!
He got so many beautiful pictures!
I think this is my favorite though.
This really captures our beautiful girl.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Pileated Woodpecker

This Woodpecker came for dinner on the stump out back!

God Bless you Brendan!

Brendan Joseph Anthony Merkel was confirmed on May 15th, 2014!
What a great day!
He is so happy and proud to be adding Anthony to his name. He loves him, and between Sts. Brendan, Joseph and Anthony, Brendan is going to have a fantastic team to go through life with!

Brendan Joseph Anthony Merkel

John Andrews, Brendan's sponsor, and Bishop Malooly, after Confirmation

Roar- Alex Boye- Mom Bloggers

I do love this guy and his music!

Monday, May 5, 2014

A Great Game!

Paul's team, The Cubs of the Churchville Rec league, played a great game tonight!
I was able to be at the game this time and got to watch him hit a double and then he hit it again in the next inning, but he got out. It was so nice to see it all come together....
Getting Ready to Bat

In the Outfield

It looked like rain...

A Beautiful Sunset!

Tim's up, Paul's on deck...

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Our Angry Men

Our young men have been working very hard, over the past few months, to put on their own play, and they did an amazing job with "12 Angry Men" this past Friday and Saturday.
Liam Watkins and Andrew Schmidt had the idea to cast, direct and act in this very challenging play with 11 of the other guys in the Susquehanna Players.
We are all so proud of them!!
We are hoping that they will be able to bring it to a video format soon, and you will find it here as soon as they do!

Here are a few pictures from the past few days. Thanks so much to Tina Holdnack, for sharing her pictures.

Add caption

Dan, Andrew, and Frankie
Will, John, Kevin and Jay
Adam Holdnack
Liam and Rachel

The Cast

The Directors

John M, Kevin John Andrews, and Adam

"I am excitable"


Going through it again...

A heated moment.