Thursday, December 31, 2009

If I Were Superstitious...

I would find it disturbing that the last post was the 666th...

but I am not superstitious and besides, I am bringing in the New Year with the 667th.

I know that God is in His Heaven, and it's all good with me!

2009 was a real roller coaster ride...From the inauguration, which will have ongoing reverberations
for some time to come, to Mom's diagnosis in June. Three great shows for Paul, and one for me.
This trip to the West Coast and visiting with family and friends, especially Mom.

So many memories and times that we will remember.

I pray that all our loved ones will be blest and find their hopes and prayers answered in this coming year.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Northwest Christmas

Christmas and the days around it were so much fun! On Christmas Eve, my brothers and their families, except for Kasie, who had to work :(, came out to the farm for a family
Laura had been baking and we had all been putting together a big breakfast, so we all sat down to a wonderful meal and a little later the kids worked on a gingerbread house

then we gathered at the tree to open the presents that the families were giving to each other.

Mom's big surprise was a laptop

and webcam that all of us kids had pitched in on. It is really nice, and I love the webcam!

Molly was just busy being too darned cute for words...

And Lucy was a princess in her new sweater from Auntie Kasie...

On Christmas Morning we opened the rest of the gifts.

Lucy was happy with everything...

John got a poker set, and a cell phone. He got a "Montana State" T-shirt from Mike and Deena, and he has a couple of other gifts waiting at home.

Brendan was sporting his new look, after he got this really cool hat from aunt Deena and uncle Mike, an Mp3 player and some comfy headphones.

Paul was very excited about the Megablocks set he got,
but the highlight of his day was when he opened the last book in the "Percy Jackson" series. He jumped up and started shouting "I got it! I got it!, I can't believe it!" It was very cute! And he almost finished it in one day.

The day after Christmas, Andrew and the boys and I went up the Elwha River a ways and took a very short hike up to Madison Falls...

It is so pretty, in spite of being very cold!

You can see the trees at the top that have washed down the stream and are waiting to fall. It will be very exciting...whenever it happens...

This is a huge Fern that caught my eye.

The day after that we went up to the...Just east of Joyce, behind my Uncle's house. What a wonderland he lives in!

We started out on the road and then started climbing.
Lucy came along for the ride... and we hiked almost to the top.

We saw so many interesting things...

Deep woods...

Huge, "Old Man" trees, that make me think of the character "Treebeard" from "The Two Towers".
Somebody's bad luck, from LONG, long ago...

And we just had a wonderful day, all the way around. Can't wait to get another hike in very soon!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Beautiful Poem From Karen

God With Us
The blessed virgin Mary carried us our gift
She bore a son in Bethlehem to fulfill the Lord's wish
No man or woman deserves,the gift of this new babe
But, Jesus Christ was born to save us anyway

Joseph was his father, here on this lowly earth
Mary was his mother for she did give him birth
Yet, to the Heavenly Father, Jesus did belong
To think of Him as ordinary would doubtlessly be wrong

Joseph and Mary together, edified true faith
And Jesus taught us all a bit about our place
For when we're feeling mighty, like we're better than the rest
We need to be reminded that we're sinners at our best

When we're feeling lowly, not as good as those around
We must recall faith in Christ, makes us heaven bound
Hence, Jesus was delivered that initial Christmas Day
To counsel all sinners, to make clear the way

He opened the sky, allowing heaven to shine down
He humbled himself, wore the thorn cloaked crown
He came to us in a stable and slept by the sheep
Yet, He lives in our hearts and stays nearby when we weep

He's present when we smile, attendant when we yell
He's our mighty Savior who overcame hell
All powerful love wrapped within a babe that morn

Emmanuel, God with us, on Christmas Day was born

~Karen Beyer, December, 2009

Monday, December 21, 2009

Family Times

We are all enjoying the time we are having together with family up here on the North Olympic Peninsula.
My brothers were all up here on Saturday and we had such a great visit! We hadn't all been together in years...

Here is my brother Mike and his son Alex...

Dan, Brooke, Josh and Rachel...

The boys are spending lots of time with their cousins...

These four boys were all born within four months of each other.
Josh, Alex, John and Matt...

Here is Brendan with Alex...

Laura and Andrew and the girls got here yesterday.

The kids were tired but they were so excited to see their uncles and we gave them so much attention, that they were going strong until bedtime.
Laura and I had a very busy day today baking cookies and other yummy treats!
Molly is so busy now and every time I turn around she is into something else.

Tomorrow my Uncle Mike will be here. I can't wait to see him.

More pictures to come!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Vacation on the Farm

Here are a few photos from the farm.
It has been so nice seeing mom and dad again. We have been catching up and relaxing.
Tomorrow we will be going down to Silverdale to shop for the last of the gifts.
Tim is enjoying the downtime immensely. Doesn't happen often enough.

John feeding the birds....
Commando Merkel....
John looking out the upstairs window...

Paul eating another Starburst....Mom at the Fruit Room....

Laura and Andrew will be here on Sunday.
I'll be seeing my brothers and all on Saturday.

This is gonna be great...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Blogging from Seattle...

Here we are on the West Coast!
We had a VERY long day of travel yesterday and we didn't get in to the hotel until around 11:30. UGH. I am really glad we got the room though, because 3 1/2 hours driving after 7 1/2 hours in the air...not really doable.

The flight was pretty easy. A bit bumpy but nothing unusual.
The boys were AWESOME!! They are such good travelers. We are very Blest to have three such cooperative guys.
Paul and I are still adjusting to NOT doing rehearsals and the show. It is a bit of an adjustment.

Paul got a TON of Starburst candies from the dear ghost of Marley, who also played his dad during Fezziwig's Ball.

So...I told him he couldn't eat them all at once. We packed them for the trip, and I told him that I would post pics of him eating them all over the place.

Here are the three boys at BWI before we left Baltimore...

Here is Paul and Brendan on the plane...
Here is Paul after we got in to the hotel at Seatac...after a LONG day!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

So Long Christmas Carol...What Good Memories We Have

Well, this afternoon we performed "A Christmas Carol" for the last time. It was such a great show and we enjoyed the whole experience so much. We made many new friends and have so many treasured memories!

Jen and Paul...An Anderson kid and Mrs Mops.
THE Car the Paul wanted so badly to ride in...And he got to...
Sam, who played several roles including Mr Smythe. Caitlyn, who played his daughter, Gracie...
And is that Marley? No, it's Bobby...The Fezziwiggs, played by Dawn and Ben, and me. Two dear new friends...

Paul and John. Paul played Ignorance, and John is the Ghost of Christmas Present...
This is Paul asleep on Scrooge's bed...
Here is just a sample of the beautiful sets...
I am hoping to have more pictures up from some of the other people in the cast. Maybe in a few days!