Sunday, August 31, 2008

More Trip Pics!

Here are a few pictures from the last couple of days.
We have been busy playing on the farm, getting together with friends, and trying to catch up on sleep in between. This last is pretty tough!
Yesterday, we were here at the farm for most of the day. Our friends the Waltenburgs, and Ann's daughter and grandson, Katie and Thomas Chase, visited. It was so nice to see them. Ann is John's Godmother and I am Ian's Godmother.
Everyone went outside and Laura got some wonderful shots!
Lucy made a new friend.
Lilly and Lucy went exploring...
Last night we went to Mass and then this morning we had a big breakfast with Dan and his family, Chris and Matt, and all of us. Kasie has been sick and we haven't seen her yet. I am going to call and see when we can go up and see her.

John got to take the canoe out and paddle around by himself all over the pond. He had a blast!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Pics from PA...

Ok, for those of you who have been to Port Angeles, here are some pics of a few things that I found interesting today. Some changes, some memories...For those who haven't... well this will probably be like watching someone's vacation slides, except that you can close the page and I'll never know!

John and the catch, which will be eaten tomorrow.Tonya's new greenhouse, built by her sweetie, Nick.No more Loren's
New Ferry Garage...Valley Street and the new bridge.
My Grandparent's first house in Port Angeles...The old Post office
The boys, Laura, Nina, Lucy, Lilly and I have all been temporarily transplanted to the West Coast for a visit. We are here in Port Angeles, where I grew up, and we have been getting back in touch with family and friends that we haven't seen in two years!
The boys have been hanging out with their cousins. John, Josh and Matt are all 10 years old and they have hit it off very well. Paul and Rachel are close in age and they enjoy each other's company as well.
It is so much fun to see how all the kids are growing up.
Lucy and Lilly are having a great time and have adjusted very well to the time change.

Getting up this morning and finding that John McCain has chosen a strong, pro-life, family woman for his running mate, has been the pinnacle of the political year for me! Woo-Hoo!!!
I have been enjoying this election immensely. It has some really hilarious people who say the most outrageous things, and it's just been a riot. I hadn't been really watching John McCain, because I do like him and trust him, and what was really enjoyable was the circus that the democrats have been dragging around.
Now, I will be paying attention.
We can look forward to some really wonderful speeches and a generous helping of the Truth! Sarah Palin is not afraid of the truth.
This election just got a WHOLE lot more exciting!
I'm thinking that we are going to be doing a pretty deep civics unit this fall! John has been very interested in the whole process, and he has some pretty good insights.

Well, I am gonna go and get ready to go into town. We will go visit my friend Tonya today. Tonight we will go for Pizza with my brothers and their families.

Tomorrow I will post pictures of everyone. Really.
I want to do a post of Port Angeles and some of the sights for anyone who is interested.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Just Rewards

I found this on another blog. It came from a site called "indexed".
Wow, a couple of lines and a few words on an index card, a lot can be read between them.

I'm back...

It's been so long since I updated, that Blogger has changed! Well just a little, but still.

So for a few updates...

Last weekend Tim put new windows in Paul's, Brendan's and John's rooms. We still have to do two more in the upstairs bedrooms, but those have to be special ordered, so we are going to put them in when the a/c units come out. Then all we have left to do is our room, and I want to paint it when we put in the windows.
We are going to switch around some bedrooms and I am itching to get to it. It will be our fall project. Brendan and Paul are going to share the big room that John is in right now. They would really rather be in a room together. John will move into the smaller room and will still have his own space. We are going to paint it and do the trim around the windows. It needs doing.
Paul's room, across the hall from ours will then become the play/guest room. We have little people here so often that it makes sense to have a place for them to play and for all the Lego's and little toys to go upstairs.
The Basement is going to get a new window in the Spring and we will also put a window unit down there. It is one of the spaces that we like best in the house, but in the summer it is so hot that I don't even want to go down there!

On Sunday we went to Christian's birthday party. It was great! Lilly and Lucy wore party hats and played with all kinds of great toys. I wanted a picture of Christian, but the Guest of Honor was always somewhere else! We couldn't stay very long as we were expected at the annual TORCH picnic at the Weber's house. Laura and Andrew came along with Lucy, and Lilly joined us as well. It was so good to touch base with so many friends. Dan and Michelle are so generous to host us every year. They have such a pretty place.I think Belle had more fun than anyone, but I'll bet she had a bellyache after it was all over!

Andrew had to work up in Elkton, this past week. It's not too far away, so Laura and Lucy spent a lot of the week here at the house. Maple, the puppy, is here, of course, and she has just been very good. Rather rambunctious, but if she wasn't, I'd be worried.

Nettie, her husband Jason, Tim and I spent last evening brainstorming and working on ideas for a future organizing service that we want to provide. We hope to work with people, using the computer and phone, in the areas of Organizing and Homeschooling. The website will be the place that we start with clients, getting to know them and what they feel they need from us. Then we will "Meet" with them over the phone, and work through the process of getting them where they want to be. More on that as it evolves.

Well, off to pray. Today is a great feast day. The Queenship of Mary. Mass was so nice this morning. We are so blest to have these wonderful days to honor Our Lady.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Passion for LIFE!

My Mom and Dad have been very actively involved in their local pro-life group in Port Angeles.
They have had a booth at the County Fair for the past couple of years and it has been very well received. This year there is an initiative on the ballot in Washington that would legalize Assisted Suicide, the other end of the life! They are so passionate in their mission and I just wanted to share what they are doing and how much I admire it!

Here is a bit of info from my mom:

We are Port Angeles Human Life, an affiliate of Human Life of Washington. The booth is very positive and educational, celebrating life at all ages.
The video we show, which is made to be played at fairs, shows 3D and 4D ultrasounds. The video plays most of the time.
The fetal models are popular with children. They can actually hold the twins and the 7-month baby models.
The two most popular give-away items are the little precious feet pins and the rubber bracelets, "Life Is Precious" and "Worth Waiting For".
In addition, this year we are handing out information on Initiative 1000, the so-called "Death With Dignity" initiative that will be on the WA ballot in November.
Doesn't the booth just look welcoming and hospitable?
I think it looks like the perfect place to sit and have a chat.
Thanks for all you do!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

In My Spare Time...

I have been working with another organizer for almost a year now.
She has had her business up and running for several years, and she is so talented! I have really enjoyed everything I have been learning and all the wonderful people I have met and worked with through the business. Sappari Solutions has been such a blessing to me! I have plenty of nuts and bolts organizing experience, but the business side had me rather intimidated.
Nettie was looking for someone to help out while she was on bed rest last year, and it seems that we have many of the same visions and work habits.
I really love the work! It is so satisfying. I have made some friends through my work and I have hopefully helped them! I really want to be able to work with homeschooling families. This is something that Nettie and I have been thinking about working into the business.

The schedule works out really well because most of the clients are very happy to work in the evenings or on the weekends. The boys can still have all of me all day, which is my primary concern, but a couple of nights a week I can go out and work with a client and Tim takes over with them. I think they really enjoy that!

We are hoping to be able to get a new branch of the business up and running in the next few months. More on that later.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Cooke's new Looke

Ok, let's go back in time. Not a long time, just a week.
I have been wanting to post these pictures for some time, but, well I have no excuse....

Anyway, last Saturday we packed up the family, the tools, and Tim, the toolman, and headed up to western MD to do a little remodeling.
Laura is really a good sport, because remodeling is what you get after the project is beyond the point of no return. You demolish, then you remodel.
Yes, it was a wall busting good time, but it is such a nice improvement!
Tim and Andrew got right to work on Saturday afternoon. Andrew had just come back from a 26 mile canoe trip, sunburned and very sore, but he still braved the dust and the flying sheet-rock.

The project was to open up the wall that separates the kitchen and the office area next to it. The office is a very nice, well lit and ventilated space. The kitchen was rather dark and seemed smaller than it really is. The opening is now a space that is about half the wall, and will eventually have a countertop so that Laura has a place for baking and for the kids to sit and help, study, or whatever they like, while Laura is busy in the kitchen. The breeze from the two windows in the office and the windows in the dining room is heavenly! The light is wonderful!
After the guys finished, we had a little party for Andrew since it was the week before his birthday. Lucy had a wonderful time!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Happy Birthday

Today is a very special day!
It is the birthday of a truly wonderful lady!

Happy Birthday Grandma Susie,

We love you!