Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Cooke's new Looke

Ok, let's go back in time. Not a long time, just a week.
I have been wanting to post these pictures for some time, but, well I have no excuse....

Anyway, last Saturday we packed up the family, the tools, and Tim, the toolman, and headed up to western MD to do a little remodeling.
Laura is really a good sport, because remodeling is what you get after the project is beyond the point of no return. You demolish, then you remodel.
Yes, it was a wall busting good time, but it is such a nice improvement!
Tim and Andrew got right to work on Saturday afternoon. Andrew had just come back from a 26 mile canoe trip, sunburned and very sore, but he still braved the dust and the flying sheet-rock.

The project was to open up the wall that separates the kitchen and the office area next to it. The office is a very nice, well lit and ventilated space. The kitchen was rather dark and seemed smaller than it really is. The opening is now a space that is about half the wall, and will eventually have a countertop so that Laura has a place for baking and for the kids to sit and help, study, or whatever they like, while Laura is busy in the kitchen. The breeze from the two windows in the office and the windows in the dining room is heavenly! The light is wonderful!
After the guys finished, we had a little party for Andrew since it was the week before his birthday. Lucy had a wonderful time!


Sue said...

This is great! Thanks so much for posting these pictures of that super improvement to the Cooke home. It really opened things up and having the air circulation will be quite an improvement.
Enjoyed each picture and the very nice journaling.
Tim, you are such a great guy, always willing to help people improve various things. And especially in your own home.
Much love, all.
Mom and Dad

Suzanne said...

I need Tim the toolman here! We have a couple of walls that need busting and a couple more that need building. What talent and generosity. The remodel looks great.

April said...

Suzanne took my idea... I was hoping for new floors... and Tim did such a great job on the Merkel floors that I figured he was perfect for the job!! The remodel looks great and I imagine the kitchen looks much larger!!