Friday, August 22, 2008

I'm back...

It's been so long since I updated, that Blogger has changed! Well just a little, but still.

So for a few updates...

Last weekend Tim put new windows in Paul's, Brendan's and John's rooms. We still have to do two more in the upstairs bedrooms, but those have to be special ordered, so we are going to put them in when the a/c units come out. Then all we have left to do is our room, and I want to paint it when we put in the windows.
We are going to switch around some bedrooms and I am itching to get to it. It will be our fall project. Brendan and Paul are going to share the big room that John is in right now. They would really rather be in a room together. John will move into the smaller room and will still have his own space. We are going to paint it and do the trim around the windows. It needs doing.
Paul's room, across the hall from ours will then become the play/guest room. We have little people here so often that it makes sense to have a place for them to play and for all the Lego's and little toys to go upstairs.
The Basement is going to get a new window in the Spring and we will also put a window unit down there. It is one of the spaces that we like best in the house, but in the summer it is so hot that I don't even want to go down there!

On Sunday we went to Christian's birthday party. It was great! Lilly and Lucy wore party hats and played with all kinds of great toys. I wanted a picture of Christian, but the Guest of Honor was always somewhere else! We couldn't stay very long as we were expected at the annual TORCH picnic at the Weber's house. Laura and Andrew came along with Lucy, and Lilly joined us as well. It was so good to touch base with so many friends. Dan and Michelle are so generous to host us every year. They have such a pretty place.I think Belle had more fun than anyone, but I'll bet she had a bellyache after it was all over!

Andrew had to work up in Elkton, this past week. It's not too far away, so Laura and Lucy spent a lot of the week here at the house. Maple, the puppy, is here, of course, and she has just been very good. Rather rambunctious, but if she wasn't, I'd be worried.

Nettie, her husband Jason, Tim and I spent last evening brainstorming and working on ideas for a future organizing service that we want to provide. We hope to work with people, using the computer and phone, in the areas of Organizing and Homeschooling. The website will be the place that we start with clients, getting to know them and what they feel they need from us. Then we will "Meet" with them over the phone, and work through the process of getting them where they want to be. More on that as it evolves.

Well, off to pray. Today is a great feast day. The Queenship of Mary. Mass was so nice this morning. We are so blest to have these wonderful days to honor Our Lady.

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