Sunday, July 29, 2007

There is so much joy in a Sunday with no plans...

Not that we can't fill up the day with all kinds of things we have been wanting to do.
We have been having some lovely storms over the last few days. My yard is finally taking hope I think.
Tim and I went out to dinner on Friday night and left the boys with Celeste. We went to McGregor's, which is one of our favorite places. It has a big covered deck and in the summer it's nice to sit out there and look at the river and watch the trains go across the bridge. We asked to sit out on the deck because it was very warm. The bugs have not been bad at all this year.
So we ordered and just as we were getting out appetizer, we noticed that the clouds were looking pretty ominous and moving in our direction. We were hoping for a little lightning over the river.
Wow! We really got what we hoped for and then some. The lightning started and it was quite spectacular. The power went out for a bit and the generator at the place next door kicked in.
The storm ended up right on top of us and the lightning was everywhere. When the rain started we thought it would probably be a short downpour. It was a long downpour. Our table was close to the edge of the deck so the waitress wanted to move us inside. Tim talked her into letting us stay out at another table. I watched lightning striking the bridge three times and one of the bolts was right our in the river in front of the restaurant! We weren't worried because there are buildings and all kinds of poles and tall spires all around. It was a lot of fun! After it passed we finished eating and I asked the waitress how much we had to pay for the dinner-show.
I went to pick up the boys and they wanted to hear all about it. They had been able to watch some of the excitement from Celeste's porch!

Yesterday was busy. I took two boys to Bel Air and stocked up on school stuff. I am all ready to put together my files for the coming year. I'll do that today.
I am SO close to finishing the quilt! I can't wait to meet Christian! I also have to start on Lilly's this week. I should be able to do the two blankets and the panel in a couple of days. The other will take awhile but that's ok.
We have to get the boys ready for their big camping weekend next weekend. I have a few things to buy. John needs hiking boots and some uniform pieces. I have to sew their badges on from last year.
We are going to a renaissance fair this Wednesday for Kevin Hoppel's birthday. The boys should really enjoy that! I'll be sure and get lots of pictures! Thursday, if the boys are all ready to camp, I am going to head up to Frostburg for the weekend. It will be fun for Paul and I to take a little trip together and have time with Laura and Andrew and Lucy. They are moving to the new apartment on Wednesday. I have to say, after staying in the little one when Lucy was born, they do need more space!
Off to the shower now to get ready for Mass. I am really hoping that I can post pictures of a finished quilt this afternoon!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Quilting and shredding...

I haven't posted in awhile.
It's been a very busy week. Tim has been home again this week and you would think that I would be getting more done! We have had some nice mornings but we still haven't been able to watch the movie that I got three days ago! Monday I got back to Christian's quilt and have been working on it in bits and pieces when I have time. I had to get a bunch of stuff done around the house after the weekend. We ended up taking a bike ride over in a nearby development and the Hoppels joined us. It was beautiful weather! Then we hung around and visited for awhile. It was really nice to have down-time with friends! The Hoppel girls are going to be making some really pretty crafts for a local craft fair and Paula showed me what they are going to do. The scarves are amazing! I'm planning to buy some of them and give them as gifts.

Tuesday was spent running around. John got two great games as birthday presents and we have been playing them pretty much whenever we have spare time.
He got UNO from aunt Deena, and he loves it! We all love it! He also got a gift card to Barnes and Noble and got two books that he has been saving for. He was extremely happy about that!
He another got a game from the Hoppels called "BananaGrams" that is a lot of fun. It's kind of like Scrabble without a board. We've been enjoying that too!
I had Encounter on Tuesday night so I didn't quilt, but got right back to it yesterday.

So yesterday I had an appt with a homeschooling mom who would like to get a bit more order in her home before she starts the school year. We talked about what she sees as the biggest obstacles and I showed her how to get started on a filing system. She is going to spend this week trying to get rid of things that they don't need, and then next week we will get going on the schoolroom. She is such a nice person, I am hoping to help her enjoy schooling a lot more this year. The family is in the military and I know it must be so hard to get things in order and keep them that way when you are moving all the time!
After I left her house I had to go BACK to the Social Security office to try to get my name changes on the card, one more time! I think they got it right this time. I want to apply for my business license and I have to be sure those ducks are in a row!

Last night I got back to the quilt and got it together and started quilting. I am hoping to be finished today. I also started in on MY schoolroom again. I need to get my files purged and put the household stuff into a couple of drawers so that I can get the other cabinet set up just for school stuff! I shredded three bags full of documents and I'll be doing more today!
It has to be done though. I just don't have room in those files for anything that we don't absolutely need! I love that so many companies and businesses are using paperless systems now. Our bank doesn't send us the tedious canceled checks anymore. They keep them and if I need one, I can just call or go online and they'll send it to me! I am paying most of my bills online and so I don't have as many papers to hang onto.

I am looking forward to school much more now because I feel like I am going to be ready! August is going to be my prep month. I have almost all my materials together now. I just have to read, read, read all the teacher's guides, watch my teacher's videos and make some visual aids for the classroom. I am going to put a much bigger cork board up on the wall and try to get a template made for a timeline. I'd like John and Brendan to be able to make the timeline on the computer because then they can go online and find neat pictures of whatever they are studying and import them into it, use cool fonts and colors for the text, print it and hang it! They'll enjoy it more that way.

So I guess I'd better go get started on all this stuff!
I will post a picture of the quilt later.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

John Smith Festival

Well it all came together this morning!
Our costumes were finished, the baking done and we were blessed with an absolutely PERFECT day!
The sun was shining, but there was a lovely breeze.

I went to the Hoppels at 9:30 and picked them up. Paula, Danielle, Maria and Lizzie at least. Everyone was all dressed in their period attire and we packed the van full of stuff to sell.
Lizzie was so cute! She was dressed just like her mom.
We drove down to Port Deposit and found that there was parking available at the home of the lady who had organized the food.

Here is Maria all ready to go.

My friend Susan brought her two girls and her son.
I had to stand for a picture too. For posterity, as all my photographer family relations always say.
We all packed our baskets and then got together for a group shot.
I really wish that I had taken more pictures at the actual festival. I just couldn't pack the camera and all the goodies.
There were so many neat costumes and demonstrations. The battle between the Civil War cannons and the ship that came down the river, was really neat!
There was a medical field surgery that had some gruesome demonstrations.
There was all manner of music and so many entertainers.
There were WWI and WWII tents with soldiers and all their equipment.
There were many children involved in the reenactments and our friends, the Watkins, were part of a Heritage performing troup that performed skits about revolutionary times.
One of the things that I love about this area, is that there is such an excitement and commitment to keeping history alive.
The people that get involved in all of this really do it because they love it. No one would stand around in the summer heat wearing a wool uniform if they didn't love it!

I got somewhat burned and didn't sell all that much, but I am really glad that we did it.
It was a lot of fun. I enjoyed working with Susan and Paula and her girls to make the costumes.
It was really nice "girl time".
I had fun walking the path and talking to all the people.
If I have another opportunity like that again, I'll definitely consider it!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Old Friends...

Now here is something near and dear to my heart!

These videos are kind of hard to really see, but the horses and riders are poetry!
No Bridles!
I haven't ridden in a couple of years now. I try not to think about it because it's really an ache that never goes away, but if you don't think about it too much it doesn't hurt too bad.
When I watch this, though, I can just feel what it would be like to have that kind of a ride. Yeah, that's right, no reins. Here's an even better one!

Wow, how many years has it been since I tried some of this?
Not like these of course. This is the top of the class. It is a lot of fun to be working on this kind of thing though. When you and your horse are really a team and you both enjoy what you are doing and you are doing it for each other. There aren't very many partnerships that work that well.

I doubt I'll ever be able to own another horse, but there are many really special ones in my past.
Dude, my buddy and my mental health, until he was stolen.

Luke, my baby and big boy. He was such a nut! He really knew how to have a good time. If he's still out there somewhere he's seventeen. Unbelievable.
We had ponies and draft horses. We had crazy mental cases that people gave us because they were impossible.
TJ, who had been abused and hated anyone who came in his field, but he would give you the nicest ride if you were on his back!
Our little Penny, that Nina had for a couple of years. She was slow but she was such a good friend.
Old Buttons, who was 32 when we got her, as far as anyone knew. She used to fall down a lot. Great for teaching you balance.
Hot Rod, an Appaloosa of questionable intellect. I don't even know if his heart was in the right place. Dad had fun with him though.
Goldenboy, the wickedest pony west of the Elwha river.
And my dear Shoene, who was my first teacher and really "broke" me in!

Rio, who taught me so much about friendship and hard work and whom I loved dearly.
We did lots of competing and he was always game.

I think I learned more from all of these teachers than any of the two-legged ones in the classroom.

Thanks Mom and Dad. It was the greatest!

Love Wireless!

I am finally able to use my laptop online anywhere in the house!
I should have done this before Tim had surgery, because it would have been nice for him to have the internet while he was flat on his back.
Yesterday I went to Target to pick up a few things and the wireless routers weren't all that spendy, so I found a guy who seemed to know the various models and talked to him about what I have and what I needed. He handed me a Linksys box that looked promising and said that it was a very easy setup, so I took it home. Well, when I opened the box (not shrink-wrapped) I found that it was missing the cable to connect it to the computer. So back I went to Target.
The guy that had given it to me was furious and gave me another one just like it, shrink-wrapped this time! So I came home and started the setup. As I was finishing, I was having a terrible time with the password. I had to leave to go to a meeting, so Tim took over. When I got back he told me that as he was trying to figure it out he realized that it wasn't wireless! I had just grabbed the box that the guy had handed me without even checking!
So off to Target once more. This time I looked carefully at the box and got the wireless model.
OK. So I came home and started the setup, one more time.
Again I got all the way to the Password setup, and then my desktop refused to allow me to proceed.
Well, it looked like a connectivity issue and I have had this problem before, so I called Verizon. I figured they would walk me through a few steps and I'd be good to go.
An hour later, Habib finally gave up. We had tried everything and he had been very helpful but it was quite apparent that Verizon was not the problem. He told me to call Dell. They are the manufacturer of the computer and they really know their way around it!
So I called the Tech support guys at Dell. Now I have no complaints about what they are capable of, because they have gotten me out of some nasty jams. This one, however, wasn't going to be one of them. The guy that I ended up talking to did most of the same stuff that the Verizon guy had done and got me just a little further and then told me that it just HAD to be the router! This after 45 minutes! I was getting really good at all the little diagnostic steps they kept throwing at me. I now know what a ping and a packet are!
So I got the Linksys people on the line. This guy really knew his particular stuff.
So he said "Not to worry ma'am, we will solve this problem." Of course in the lovely eastern accent that we have all become so fond of. India will never need nukes. They could shut us down in half an hour if they just pulled all the tech support people out from under us!
I am not complaining! I'm just glad to have found someone that was able to help!
So we had to wend our way once more through the dark electronic landscape along paths that were becoming quite familiar to me.
After another hour, we had setup the desktop, password, encryption and my laptop.
I must say, I am glad I don't have to do all that very often.

I was so tired this morning. I had to get up early so that I could walk and get to Mass. We all went. Then I had to come home and start baking for tomorrow. I made 24 muffins, three loaves of pumpkin bread, and two different kinds of cookies. I hope they all sell!

The boys went to the pool with Tim and now I have to bag everything.
I want to watch "Vertigo" tonight so I am very motivated.
I'll post pictures of tomorrow's adventure later.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Letting Lucy come to Jesus...

Sunday was a very joyful day!
Our little Lucy came into the Catholic family!
It was wonderful!
Laura did such a wonderful job of blogging it that I am cheating and linking to her blog...
She got some great pictures too!

There was much preparation involved and Laura and Andrew did a great job of making the cake and cookies.
I had to go to Owings Mills on Saturday morning for a class and missed half a day getting the house ready. It was fine though.
The day was perfect and it was a joyful celebration!

Monday I spent part of day at the sewing machine making my costume for the "John Smith Days" festival up in Port Deposit. We are going to be selling baked goods and drinks to make money for the church. Fr Jay asked, and so I got to work making a skirt, Apron, cap and bought a blouse. It was all very easy to make and the festival should be a lot of fun! There will be a ship and a reenactment. I want the boys to be able to come up for that. I will be walking around selling baked goods with my basket. Another friend from the church is going to help as well.

I am gradually buying the last few odds and ends for the school year. Yesterday I bought my Latin DVDs and I just ordered a couple of books on manners that we are going to use for one of our subjects. I still have to get the math books for Brendan and Paul.

Tim is still feeling a bit under the weather. Things are healing rather slowly this time. He will just have to wait to go back to work until he feels like he can sit for a whole day.
He took the boys to the pool yesterday and I think it was a bit much.

I have a whole bunch of details to get out of the way today. Guess I'll get to it and post my progress later.

Friday, July 13, 2007


Here are the Lyrics to a song by "Casting Crowns".
This just spoke to me so much as I was listening to it tonight.
It speaks so beautifully to all the times in my life that I have been the Prodigal, that I am the Prodigal, and how my Father always welcomes me back with open, loving arms.
He is so, so, so GOOD!!
If you want to hear it click here



Living on my own, thinking for myself
Castles in the sand, temporary wealth
Walls are falling down, storms are closing in
Tears have filled my eyes, here I am again

And I've held out as long as I can
Now I'm letting go and holding out my hand


Daddy, here I am again
Will You take me back tonight
I went and made the world my friend
And it left me high and dry
I drag Your name back through the mud
That You first found me in
Not worthy to be called Your son
Is this to be my end
Daddy, here I am
Here I am again

Curse this morning sun
Drags me in to one more day
Of reaping what I've sown
Of living with my shame
Welcome to my world
And the life that I have made
Where one day you're a prince
The next day you're a slave

(Repeat Chorus)

I love the line about letting go and holding out my hand!

We are so Blest to have the Sacrament of Reconciliation, where we can hold out our hands and our Daddy takes them and welcomes us back!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Prayer of Thanksgiving...

It has been a very long day!
I shouldn't complain, I'm not the one who had surgery, but sometimes I think I'd prefer to be the one sleeping!
Tim had to undergo surgery, once again, to repair another Incisional Hernia, that developed along the incision from the first Surgery!
I think today was the sixth time, in as many years, that he has been the guest of honor at an OR gathering.

I am getting to know the waiting area really well.

We went down at 9:30 this morning. Paula was going to take the boys for the morning and Nina was to pick them up this afternoon.
What a blessing to know that they are in such good hands. I didn't have to worry about them all day, so I had all that time to worry about Tim!

When we got there he needed another EKG for the anesthesiologist and they did all the prep.
I was chased out of the prep area for a bit, but got back in to be with him until they wheeled him down. Then I had to go to the family waiting room for an hour and a half!
It's so strange to see family members coming and going. They stop in and check on the progress of the patient and then go about their business until they can go up to the floor where the patient will be staying after the recovery room.
How do they do that?

I can not leave that waiting room. I know the pattern of the carpet by heart. I can't read, because nothing makes sense except that the best part of me is on the other side of a mere wall, where he is asleep, and someone is carefully putting something right, but using lethal tools to do it with. I have never felt so powerless and so totally dependent on the Grace of God, as when I am waiting for the moment when I can touch him again and feel the warmth of his hands and hear the reassuring beeps coming from all the monitors.
When he was so sick, almost six years ago now, and he had to go in the first time, Dr Canlas did not know what he was going to find.
I remember so well that wait. The wait to hear what was going to happen to the rest of my life.
"An obstruction", "A blockage". We all know what comes to mind when we hear those words. And I remember so well the incredible feeling that came over me when Dr C came to me and told me that Tim was not out of danger, was still very sick, but that we would not be looking at Chemo, treatments, and probably losing him. I was carrying our youngest son.

That wait to hear what they have had to do to your best friend in the whole world.
It brings you to the feet of Christ. It makes you curl up in the arms of your Mother and beg her to ask her Son for another lifetime. It also makes you realize that if it is His Will to bring him home, you will have to be able to find some way to go on.
These are all things I have contemplated in that waiting room. They are things that many people must have turned over and over in that small space. It has seen many, many life changing moments.
We have been so Blest that our lives have been Graced by healing. The words that have been spoken to me at that door have always brought relief.
I pray for the families that have not received such words.

Dear Doctor Canlas has always been so understanding of my needs, as well as what he has to do for Tim.
He always hugs me, tells me not to worry and that he will come and get me as soon as it is over.
And he always finds a way to get me into the recovery room, instead of making me wait up on the floor. Then I can see and hear what I have been waiting for.

Today was a pretty easy one as days like this go. We were able to leave the recovery room within the hour after he came out, and were ready to go home by about 4:00.

Dr Canlas said that it took a bit longer because it was a little more involved than he thought. He found a couple of surprises, one being a scar on Tim's lower left side that Tim can't account for. Dr Canlas says it isn't one of his!
Maybe Steve will remember something.

So I am sitting here appreciating my husband and my home and praying that all of this is behind us! It will be nice having Tim around for the next week or two. He has to rest but between John and Monopoly and Paul and his Chess board, I doubt he'll run out of things to occupy him!
Come to think of it, he may opt to go back to work early...

Monday, July 9, 2007

I'm simply floored...

What does that really mean anyway?

Well, we are in the final stages of reflooring the living room and hallway.
Actually, I should say that TIM is on the process. As usual, I am providing the inspiration and encouragement and he is providing all the effort and skill!

Tim is just so good at all this and I know he can't wait until I run out of ideas.
He must just dread any sentence that that begins "What if we..."

The Carpet in the living room has been in need of something.Like removal.
It has been in the house since before we moved in and, well, it was rather old and disgusting. The musty smell was just getting worse.

We were going to have more carpet put down, but we just couldn't do better than Pergo! We are really sold on it since we have had it in the kitchen for about five years now and it still looks great! We did the new room with it as well.

Tim is also going to do the landing at the bottom of the stairs, but that will have to wait a few weeks, he's got to have a bit of repair and renewal done on himself first...

The Hallway is almost done and only has a threshold at the top of the stairs left to go. The transition strips were done this evening.

It is just so exciting to see it all coming together. The house is really a work in progress, but we are doing it slowly and if I am patient, it will all be paid for as it gets done. We will always have a "paycheck house" but I think it's more fun that way. Having waited 8 years for a new floor in that room, I am really enjoying it! Every little step is like that. God is so good to us and we have been so blest with this house, our own little place. It just becomes more our own with each project.
So I'm going to go admire it one more time...
Before I turn out the lights.

Camping-The whole story

Ah, we are home again after a very busy weekend of camping!
It was a whole lot of fun, with a few speedbumps thrown in.
We packed up on Thursday morning and headed up to western MD.
Our first stop was Frostburg, so that Laura and I could shop and Tim could get a look at Bonnie Blue, the '72. Another story.
I was watching the sky because "scattered showers" had been forecast. It was looking like they might miss us for the most part.
The campground is about 30 minutes from Frostburg, so we set out following L&A down I68.
When we got there we checked in, and were sent down to the lower tenting area. We pulled in, found our sites, and the "scattered showers" found us. The "shower" was actually a very heavy downpour, complete with thunder and lightning. Tim had already started to unpack the tent, and he had to stay outside and put up the tarp that was to go over it. I was amazed that it stayed as dry as it did.
I huddled in the van with the boys. It was packed to the rafters and we had to keep it running so that it wouldn't fog up! We listened to "Revenge of the Sith". We have been working our way through that for awhile!
So it finally quit raining and Tim and I got the tent up. I unloaded the bedding and we blew up the air mattresses.
Then we went over to "camp Cooke" to get dinner going. The fire was a bit stubborn because the fire pit was all wet.

We did get a roaring fire going, and were sitting around toasting marshmallows. It was getting pretty dark, we were getting ready to head for our tent, and out of the corner of my eye I saw something moving toward the camp. We all pointed flashlights out into the field and in the beams we saw a little black and white form scuttling away from the light.
A Skunk! That's really not what we had in mind when we had visions of communing with wildlife.
Our tent escaped a visit, but the Cooke family wasn't so lucky. He came poking his nose around their tent at around 3:00 am and just as he got close Lucy let out a yell and it scared the spray right out of him! Not much though. It was gone early on.
The next morning was beautiful! John called me out of the tent to see the rays of morning sun on the hills.

So the next day we went to the pool and had a great time swimming and staying cool. Tim had to come back down to Bel Air to go to the doctor for his pre-op physical. He got back around dinnertime. Andrew and John went fishing in the Potomac and we watched a group of canoe campers setting up a ways from our camp.

After dinner we sat around for awhile and a few of the nearby campers shot off a few fireworks.
How nice that they were having so much fun! We went to bed and they kept having fun. We said our prayers and the fun continued. We could hear them having more and more fun! Obviously aided by the influence of a prodigious amount of adult beverage of all sorts. So by 3:00 am I was longing for the quiet little skunk! Needless to say, we didn't get a lot of sleep.

Saturday we got up and got going because we wanted to hike to the Paw-Paw Tunnel. A very, very interesting tunnel on the C&O Canal. The tunnel is 2/3 of a mile long! It's very dark, but the boys brought their flashlights and we had light to hike by. It wasn't the Mines of Moria, but it was pretty dark!
The boys had fun getting water to come up out of a pump on the river and the were very good hikers.And here is an interesting place that I had to have a picture of. This is WAY up in the hills on a backroad. Bet the guys love coming to this place! What a hoot!

It was hot, so when we got back the boys went for a swim. One of the guys from the camp that had kept us up all night was standing in the pool in a hungover stupor. I would have felt worse for him if I hadn't been so tired...
I stepped into the water and slipped on the steps and landed really hard. I pulled muscles in my shoulder, yeah, the bad one, and worse, I forgot that I had my cell phone in the pocket of my shorts! I opened it and saw the black screen of death. Oh.
It appears to have recovered.
After our swim we went down to change and went right up the hill to a beautiful little church, St Patrick's. What a Blessing to have an opportunity to attend Mass in such a perfect location! I couldn't believe that there was a church right next to the campground! This is MILES up in the mountains.
We had a nice dinner and sat around the fire for awhile and then went to bed.
The neighbors had used up most of their fireworks, but not all.
However, the neighbors up the hill decided to do some target practice with some really big weapons of unknown variety. It sounded like the Hatfields and McCoys were shooting it out up there. Well, it is western MD. It went on for a very long time.
We did finally get to sleep, and then packed everything up and hit the road for home.
I know the boys had a great time and so did we! Lots of excitement.
It was good to be home. I think this must be why we camp. It's a lot of fun, but it's also so nice to go home!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Has it been a whole week?

Wow! I can't believe it's been a week since I've updated this!
We had a wonderful visit with the Pergola family! What a blessing.
The kids are so sweet and growing up so fast! They are all so well behaved! You would never know there were seven extra kids in the house. Katie is such a beautiful girl, at sweet sixteen. She loves to chime in on conversations and she has a lot to contribute! It's so neat!
Michelle is an angel and so helpful. She and Katie helped Laura make a huge batch of cut-outs for April's shower. Anna is so quiet you hardly know she is there, but we enjoyed her sweet smile for the time she was here. She went to stay with the Hoppels for most of the time. She and Danielle are like sisters! Giordan got a lot of attention from our boys. They really love getting to spend time with him. Gina is a lovely "almost" nine-year-old. She is very busy and has so much to say. Very cute!
I loved having the time to spend with my little Dominic. What a dear boy he is and such a grown up five-year-old. I had a chance to spend some time with him at the conference, and then I brought him home to visit with our guys. Precious time for me!
Anthony is the spice of life for the family. WOW! He is full if surprises. He is going to be three but he has a very sharp little mind and he can come up with the most exciting ideas! Boy is he cute!!
It's a good thing too...
My biggest treat was getting to spend time visiting with Suzanne. Laura was here too, so it was neat to be able to share the time with both of them. I think the late nights may have been a bit much though!

The conference was great! I really enjoyed the talks that I went to. The homeschooling day was a bit of a repeat, so I didn't go to many of the talks but I did get some books at the used book sale. I was able to find John's Latin books for 3.00! I also got the "Faith and Freedom" Readers that I had been looking for.
I bought most of the books that I will need from the vendors though. New. ughhh. I don't even want to see the credit card bill! On the other hand, I got the AWESOME Science program that I wanted. I found John's Math 65 for next year, all the Religion books I needed, and some English books. I still have to get Brendan and Paul's Math from Abeka.
Tim and I had a wonderful evening at the Marriage Retreat. We had a chance to hear two nice talks, a wonderful dinner, and the best part was Mass and the renewal of our vows. The day after our Anniversary! That was very special.
The other books I got were for ME! And Tim of course. I got a copy of the new Catechism that the USCCB has just put out. Bishop Wuerhl made a great plug for it and convinced me. I found the Novel on St Augustine that I had been wanting, and ahhh, yes, I got the new book by Peter Kreeft about the Lord of the Rings AND I heard his talk on it AND he signed my book! WOOHOO! That was too cool! Loved the talk. It was so great.
Then I heard another talk by Matt Pinto.
I had a chance to go to Confession to a great priest and then I went to Adoration.
We were able to receive a Plenary Indulgence for attending this conference. The Vatican announced this special Grace just before it started.
So all in all, a wonderful weekend.
For our Anniversary Tim and I are giving each other a new floor in the Living Room! We bought the Pergo on Sunday.
I'll take Pictures and post in the next day or two.

Oh, and for all who are reading this, we found out yesterday that Tim will have to undergo another Surgery next week. We are not thrilled but it has to be done. Please pray that all goes well and the it is THE LAST ONE!!! These are getting tedious and it's hard on him. I hate that it keeps happening! We had to cancel our vacation, but I don't want anything to compromise the best outcome.

I'll post new pics tomorrow.