Sunday, October 18, 2009

Another New Look...

Once again our old house is getting a bit of a facelift.

We had the ceiling patched and re textured, finally. It was in need and after the guys were done we just decided to leave the pictures off the walls, keep the furniture put away, and paint the whole place.

There are some other changes underway as well. We have decided to put a new counter top in the kitchen. We toyed with the idea of replacing the cabinets, but they just aren't that bad and I felt like the money we saved is worth trying to salvage these. Tim thinks he will put a cornice on the top, to add a finishing touch. We are going to dress up the kitchen with a few other touches as well.

Tim tore out all the old, ugly molding,
and he is going to replace it with real, stained wood. It will be so nice! I have a scheme to dress up the nasty heat registers, and if it works, they will look pretty neat. If it doesn't, they can't look much worse!

I am just so happy to be getting going on this project. These pictures, as usual, do not show the true color.

It has been needed for a long time, but that's OK because we are going slow and we haven't had to take out any loans, we have been able to keep saving and paying down the house. All in all being patient is paying off. We will soon have a vast improvement, and no debt. True, we are doing it ourselves, and my paint job says that loud and clear, but it is an old house, it is a loved house, and it is our house so that's OK. Well, Tim may have a Love/Hate relationship with it, but someday maybe there won't be anything left to do!