Thursday, October 29, 2009

This Week We are Studying....

Epidemiological patterns of the H1N1 Virus within the domestic purview.

Yeah, we had a week off of school to enjoy the natural wonders of the human immune system:

Fever- Burns up those nasty little bugs

Sinus Congestion- This is how the upper respiratory system tries to flush out those nasty little buggies, and one reason we need to drink LOTS of water!

Sore Throat-This is where the sinus congestion hits the delicate nasal membranes, oh and the Lymph system hits back.

Coughing- This is how those precious lungs keep the very nasty bugs from setting up housekeeping.

Body Aches- What happens to your muscles and joints when your body is busy using all it's resources to kill nasty bugs. Literally, the war your body is fighting against them (boys love this image). And what happens when you don't drink enough water.

Exhaustion- The condition your body ends up in when it is using up all the ammo on nasty bugs. And what happens when you don't drink enough water.

We have had some very interesting discussions this week, and given the fact that I have three boys, these conversations are not really dinner table topics.
There is just nothing like the "hands-on" approach to education. This week we have gotten up close and personal with one of the most infamous critters in modern times.

We had a very interesting experience with some Holy Oil that I had been given for anointing. Thanks Jeannie! So this was also a week for Spiritual Growth as well.

We'll get back to Math, English, and Spelling next week, but I think we have learned enough about biology over the last few days to last the rest of the year....Thanks.

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