Friday, October 23, 2009

Is it REALLY Friday?

Gee, what a long week it has been...
Poor Tim got sick on Sunday night and he was dragging all week. We are unsure what the culprit is. The Doctor said that it is just some random virus and he gave him a Z-pac to fight the sinus bugs, and some GREAT codeine cough medicine.
He had a fever all week, until last night. It has made sleeping at all a challenge, and sleeping with the C-pap a near impossibility.

Now, Paul has come down with the crud and has been feeling lousy since this morning. I am hoping that he will wake up feeling much better tomorrow. Sunday is the first "Christmas Carol" rehearsal and I hate for him to miss it, but I guess if you have to get sick it's best to do it at the beginning...

Our TV died last weekend, and I agonized for several days trying to figure out the best route to go on a new one. We aren't the big screen types, but I did want to get one that could stream from the broadband router, because we mostly use the computer to watch stuff. The boys are gathered around the computer monitor right now watching some old show or other. So, I didn't go crazy and get a home theater system, but I did find one that will do what we want.

We got through most of our school week. We have to do our Science experiment tomorrow, because Paul was laid out on the couch all day. We have Co-op homework and John has to start memorizing several lines from "Hiawatha" over the next week. John is going to be Hiawatha and there are about 10 kids that will be doing many more lines than he will. They are going to make a theatrical production out of it. It should be an interesting venture...
John also has to design a vehicle that moves, from a mousetrap, for his Science co-op. He is doing a really good job.

We are hoping to get a little sanding and staining done on the trim around here and at least get the front window done, since the blinds and valance are inhabiting the playroom and I REALLY need that room! I am spoiled by it now. I moved everything around for the night so that Paul can sleep there and I can hear him. Then I can be aware if he gets restless and make sure his fever doesn't get too high. I love having that room right across the hall.
We will get it fixed up eventually as well. It needs a little sprucing up. We finally got rid of the old, nasty A/C unit and have a nice window in there. It is so much brighter!

I am going to go give Paul one more going over. Want to check his temp, and of course question him until he can't stand it any more! Hope he feels MUCH better tomorrow.

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