Tuesday, September 3, 2013

At the Tail-end of the First Day of the School Year

Pray for us!
Well, we did it.
We are done with the first day of the 2013/2014 School Year.
I think it went fairly well.
The guys have new books and new ways to use them, and that's always a bit slow at the beginning.
All in all though, I think they are going to do great.

John and Brendan are in some of the same classes at co-op, but John is a Junior and Brendan is just dipping his toes into High School. We started out with some pretty heavy reading, but he is doing great and we will get through a few more chapters tomorrow.
They are also working in a new math program. "Teaching Textbooks". I was rather reluctant to leave Saxon, because I think it has given the boys a really good foundation in Math, but John just doesn't need their Advanced Math, since he will be going up to the college for Math next year, and Brendan will probably really enjoy using the videos. He is a great Math student, but he gets bogged down with the reading, and he needs to see the problems done as examples. Saxon is very reading intensive. Still, he did fine in it last year.
He is going to have a lot on his plate this year. History is a pretty easy book, but there is a lot to take in at once. We will work on the presentations tomorrow.
Literature has a lot of potential. I love discussing Literature with kids. I love seeing their minds catch hold of the thoughts and dreams of so many years ago.

Paul is flying through his work right now. He has less to do, but he reads so fast that he finishes before everyone else.

The boys all went to their respective Robotics teams tonight and they are finding their nitches. I am going to be a lot less involved than I had hoped, between having Lilly here at night, and my various meetings and such. Tuesdays are usually pretty full.

So glad that Laura came up with a GREAT menu calendar, complete with recipes, that she shared.
It has so many crock-pot recipes, that I am confident that I can get something on the table every night!
Even the nights that we are scrambling to get out the door!

I am looking forward to some field trips and some fun times with friends too. The school year is structured, but after I get into it I really like that.

St Elizabeth Ann Seton....Pray for us!

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