Thursday, September 19, 2013

Picture Post

I have been having so much trouble with Blogger that I have a month's worth of photos to post!
Here are the highlights....
Techbrick Robotics! 

Sryo-Malabar Mass at the Basilica in DC

Barred Owl at the Plumpton Park Zoo

Another Little Critter at the zoo!

Nina, Lilly and Melman

Lilly and Mimi

Wild and crazy Petunias

Moon watching....

Happy Birthday Lilly!

Field trip
Paul and Tommy with their Lamb's Ear "band-aids"

Table set for a Colonial dinner


Harvest time

Cherry Crest Adventure

Into the Maize maze

We got through it!

 Brendan and Brett

Work day

Pumpkin patch

Lancaster Farmland

The Train to Paradise

Such a lovely day for a drive....

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