Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm Back!

Well, I'm back in the thick of it.
I just have to say "Thanks, Barbara!"
A little perspective and some time to think and I realize that there is no time left to be concerned about anything but the Truth.
The truth about the Culture of Life, and the direction that we have to take as a country, has never been more important.
PLEASE, PLEASE read up on the voting records of these two candidates. Please inform yourself on the issues that hang in the balance and be sure that you are making an informed choice when you vote this year.
There are many issues at stake...

Some of them aren't just politics...


Milehimama said...

Thanks for linking up, and thanks for standing up for the babies.

Anonymous said...

American courage takes many forms!

"Welcome back to the fight."

MikeyAnn said...

I agree 1oo% We have to teach our younger generation morals before economics.