Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How About Those Ravens??

So...not that I am a huge football fan. I usually follow (loosely) the playoffs, and then when the Ravens are doing well, I start to really pay attention.
This season was a real attention-getter.
We were in Texas for the playoff game that sealed the Ravens chances of getting to New Orleans.
Once they were Superbowl bound, I was hooked.
I wasn't sure how I would see the game, but I wouldn't have missed it for anything.
Laura told me that we could stream it online, and so off I went to Target to get an HDMI cord so that I could bring my laptop screen to the BIG screen.
It was awesome...I enjoyed being in our own home, with my guys, watching football and cheering on the team.
The win was just the best! It's good for Baltimore and good for the people that look forward to it all year.
Joe is a happy guy!!

A great way to retire!

The victory parade was pretty special, and I think we are going to enjoy this sweet moment for a very long time.

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