Wednesday, July 30, 2014

He Loves Us, Oh How He Loves Us...

Have you ever gotten a note or letter from a special someone? What is that like?

You get it and you just can't wait to sit down and read it. You want to be alone with it, and you open it with such anticipation.
You read it through quickly the first time, just to get the tone, and to see how long it is, and what the key words are. Then you go back and read it again, more carefully, taking time to savor the feel, the sense of the person that cared enough to take the time to write it.
You look at the handwriting, you think about that person, trying to picture the place and the time in which they were writing.
You look for words that might mean something new to your relationship. What did they mean by that word? Why did they choose that particular phrase?
You find such joy in the thought that the time it took to write this was devoted just to you.
You feel so special to be the one that is in the mind and heart of this person.
Maybe there are poems, or song lyrics, written just for you. Maybe there are special promises that point to the future. Your heart sings, and you have a serious case of butterflies.

You are the focus of someone's love and attention. You are learning about them and sharing yourself.
You hold nothing back, because they have shown you that they are committed to you, and they want to be with you forever.

Who wouldn't want to get something like this? Who wouldn't read, and reread, it? Who wouldn't treasure it, and keep it in a special place, close at hand?

Quite a few of us, actually....

It took 1600 years to write, and it is a personal love letter to each and every one of us.
He was thinking of you. He was planning for you. He was loving you from the beginning of time.
His Word is THE WORD and it is His love letter to you.

Where is that letter, anyway?

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