Friday, May 1, 2015

Texas in the Spring...

We had a blast in Texas with the Cooke family, Nina and Lilly! It was such a nice week. The kids are so much fun, and it was nice to reconnect with the girls. Looking forward to the next steps! Nina back in Maryland with Lilly, and the Cooke family getting settled in Austin! Always something new!

 Paul spent a lot of time on the roof at the Cooke's. Actually all the boys did. It was a great view and nice weather!
Such a little nut!

Sweet Molly. She just always has a smile!

Always a going concern!

In a few years, Miles...

The Haircut....

Keep Going...

Oh Yeah...

All Done! Nice New Look!

Off on an Adventure!

Sweet Claire

Lu and her bunny

Lil and a baby...

Good mamas

Good-bye for now!

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