Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Crosses are everywhere, literally.

The form of the cross can be found in nature, in art, and in structures, whether incidentally or intentionally.

Crosses in the form of suffering are everywhere too. In the course of an average day, we bump up against any number of annoyances, injuries, worries, frustrations, and even people that are opportunities to "offer it up".

Keeping our eyes and hearts open for the crosses that bring our minds and hearts to the Cross of Christ, is a lifelong habit that we can learn to love.
Offering our sufferings for the good of others makes those burdens lighter, and gives them purpose.

When we give even our little pains to God, we are imitating our beloved Jesus like a small child looks at and copies mom or dad. Of course our little efforts don't amount to much, compared to His, but they are precious to Him.

I am going to make an effort to see both kinds of crosses as I go through my days. I will post them here occasionally.

The image above is on the outer wall of one of the buildings at Mount Saint Mary's. I thought it was a beautiful and simple outward sign.
I also had a chance to offer up a wait in line today, and it was a great time to pray my Rosary!

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