Sunday, January 10, 2016

On Fire for LIFE!

Our Good Shepherd Youth group was so blest to host a wonderful evening with Praise and Worship music by Mathias Michael, our very own recording artist, and an inspiring talk by Clare Daly of Generation Life! 

This event was truly given to us by the Holy Spirit to help us prepare for the upcoming March For Life in Washington DC. Many of our youth will be attending.

Mathias started us off by asking everyone to stand and really ask the Holy Spirit to join us. The music was a mix of well-known P&W and some new songs that we didn't know. I was really taken by the way Mathias led the group in both song and prayer. The evening really was a prayer.

After a short break for snacks and stretching, we sat and prepared to listen to a multimedia presentation produced by Clare and Generation Life.
I met Clare Daly at Camp Veritas a couple of years ago. She is just a beautiful, intelligent young woman who is devoting herself to spreading the Gospel of Life. Her organization brings the message of the dignity of human life, at all stages, to groups all over the country. Her talk was just such a reminder of who we are in Creation, and what we are called to be for Christ.

Next up, are looking forward to the March For Life in DC!

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