Tuesday, June 5, 2018

If Wishes Were Horses...

It's no secret that I have been a horse fanatic since about the age of two.
I don't know where the passion comes from, or how it is handed down, because neither of my parents had a particular drive. My dad likes to ride, on occasion, but it's a thing that he does as the opportunity presents itself, not because he just can't help it. My mom didn't really like horses, but she was willing to feed them, and my passion, all the years that I was growing up.

I rode all the years that I lived in Washington state, from the time I was 9 until we moved to Maryland in 1996. I had to sell my colt, Luke, a youngster that I had raised and trained myself, and who came along after I had lost my beloved Dude to a thief.
Those two episodes were extremely traumatic, and when we moved I pretty much swore off falling in love again. I have a wonderful husband and we had two girls and three boys to raise. I was super busy and the expense of riding here has been prohibitive.

Of the five kids, only Nina has carried on my passion for horses, but she is passing it on to Lilly, and I am so happy to see that it is alive and well in her little heart.
She is riding at a very nice farm and is getting involved with 4-H and a wholesome lifestyle. She is out the door and up to the farm most afternoons when the weather is good, and I am excited to be accompanying her when I can.

I think that I can even see a day when I could fall in love again....

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