Monday, April 20, 2020

Yard Work

Well, it was a busy weekend in the backyard...

We are still staying home, but there is plenty to do, especially outside! It was a nice weekend, although a bit windy.

I am so sore, but we got a lot done and we will be working on it all summer.

So, at the very back of the yard there is a place where we have just pretty much been dumping all the branches and stuff that have come of the trees. For Years.
There is also a lot of stuff back there that we hadn't really taken a good look at for a while.
This for instance.

What looks like a little grove of small trees, would get leaves all over it every year, and it looked like it was alive and thriving. What was actually going on was that vines had grown all around the dead limbs, and they would get leaves on them. Well, we decided that it had to go, and Tim worked all weekend chopping and hacking at it. I rolled up as much as I could, and burned a lot of it in the new fire pit.

So now it looks like this:

There is a lot left to burn :

But the fire pit is on the job and I spent a lot of time tending the fire yesterday.

My hands hurt, my back hurts, and I am tired out, but it am determined to cleaned it all up.

More to come.

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