Saturday, June 20, 2020

What's Up

Well, things are drifting slowly back to normal. 
People are out more, faces are visible outdoors, there are things to do again!
We have been getting together with small groups of people and it has been wonderful!

Our St Patrick's small group has met in person and our Bible study will meet this week.
I have been meeting with some of the other moms, and we are having dinner with friends again! 

The guys are running around with their friends and Paul is at a training for work today. He will be working at the Y day camps over the rest ofthe summer. Lots of exposure to little people, and while I don't worry too much about the C- virus, I do imagine that we will be getting summer colds and other things, which are more than welcome. We need to work on getting our immune systems back into shape. 

Tim and I are going to start a training for a Marriage Prep program for the parish. It looks really good! 
We will get that done before I head to Ohio for my Spiritual Direction course. 

Don't know when I will be able to get to Texas, but I will hope to make it within the next month.

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