Friday, January 29, 2021

A Wonderful New Addition


Well yeah, it's been a LONG time since I have posted, in fact I think they have changed Blogger since then, but I am bursting with news and I have to share!

Lilly is now the proud owner of her very own horse! She has been riding for a long time, and has had mixed experiences with leasing horses. She has not been able to really bond because there is always going to be a "good-by". It has been a long road but she has proven herself and I am very proud of her. 

When the current pony turned out to be less than a successful match, Nina decided to just cut out the middle man and find a horse for them. It wasn't easy, but we are very hopeful that this lovely mare is going to be their forever horse. 

Her name is "Divine Citizen" and they call her Didi. She is a 7 year old thoroughbred mare, with a fantastic personality and hopefully ability to match. 

They have had the vet give her a good going over and she seems to be as sound as they need her to be. 

We went to pick her up this morning and, while it wasn't a perfect loading experience, she finally decided to get into the trailer and come with us. 

We spent some time with her at her new home, and she settled right in. She was very happy about the large field that she was turned out into and a nice flake of hay. We bundled her into her new blanket, and she promptly laid down and rolled, just to break it in.

She is going to be one spoiled equine, but in all the good ways. 

It is SO great to be able to have horse hair on my coat and to be back in the world that I have missed so much!!

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