Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Ravens and Raving

 Tuesday and Fall is dancing around the edges. The weather is pretty dreary, but it's still warm. It wants a good, long rainy day to push summer out, and I'm not sure when that is going to happen. The weather forecast keeps saying that it's going to get cooler, but the warm temps are persisting.

Speaking of weather, the sun is doing some wild stuff this week. Yesterday there was news of a Solar storm, and there was much talk of all the things that might go with it, like electrical grid problems, and issues with phones and the internet, but the only thing that I noticed was a lot of stuff on the news.

My biggest concern was that the Ravens game would be impacted. It went off without a hitch, well there were lots and lots of hitches, but the power stayed on. So many hitches....I started watching the game, and it did not go as expected. All due respect to the Colts, but the Ravens should have been able to walk away with this one, and it was pretty much a nail-biter from beginning to end. I went to bed, and when I woke up I was so surprised to see that they had won!!

Here are a few highlights.

Our girl is feeling pretty purly. She is just kind of doing what she absolutely has to do, like eat, drink, and use the yard, and then she is basically sleeping. She wants to lick her incision, so I have the onesie on her and she is just pretty unhappy all the way around. I can't wait until she has her old spunk back. She is definitely not herself. 

I went to BJs today, because of all the rumblings about shortages of this and that. I wanted to get ahead on a few things. I got toilet paper, because that's already a problem. There was hardly any there and it was super expensive! I also got my flour, sugar and oil for baking so that if that gets hard to find I can at least bake bread and cookies for gifts. BJs looked surprisingly well stocked, compared to Walmart, but I think it's just because the only things that BJS sells are things that are available in large quantities, which is how they make their money, and Walmart is expected to stock everything. They are really struggling to find workers and truck drivers. 

Everything is just really crazy right now. It might just be the fallout from the pandemic, but I'm not so sure.

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