Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Father Figures...

So Sunday I was Blest by an invitation from my friend Paula, to ride up to New York, Yonkers to be specific, and watch a taping of EWTN's "Sunday Night Live" With Fr Benedict Groeschel. Paula was also meeting her uncle, as her young cousins Elizabeth and Peter, had been staying with her for two weeks and their dad was there to pick them up.
We were able to be a part of the studio audience, and it was such a special experience!
Father Groeschel is Paula's uncle and he is such a Holy man. I really enjoyed the breaks in between the segments. Father introduced young Peter to the audience as is namesake. If you have time and want to enjoy a great show, here is a link. You can look for us in the back row. Danielle is in the middle.

Tonight was also really nice. Our Pastor, Fr Jay, came for dinner and brought his beautiful Golden Retriever, Junior. Junior was a gift to Father from the parish last Christmas. He and the boys had a blast playing ball in the backyard. Fr Jay is such a nice person and we had lasagna and strawberry shortcake! Great conversation too!

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