Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Founder of our Feast...

I haven't really blogged much about what Tim does, except when we are all together.
The biggest reason is because I am never really sure what Tim does, from one day to the next.

I know that he is still writing training materials. I know that he is still building, maintaining, shipping and presenting the tabletop model that they use to do emergency management training. That thing has a LOT of miles on it!

But lately Tim has been traveling all over the country with his buddy, the sometimes cranky, always quirky and tremendously unlucky, SIM MAN!
Yes, this guy is the original Steve Austin, minus a few million. He's not usually dressed quite this spiffy.
He has one goal, and that is to get injured badly or sick enough that whoever is dealing with him will be able to deal better with a real life emergency in the future. He can imitate some pretty scary health issues, if they are programmed into his laptop. He can foam at the mouth as if he has been exposed to a nasty chemical agent. He can develop all kinds of life-threatening symptoms and the trainee can do all the right (or wrong) stuff. He provides feedback as to whether or not the correct processes are being followed. Tim can write scenarios and then program them into the computer and Sim will fall ill accordingly. He is pretty cool.
So he and Tim are getting lots of road time together. Tim does get to fly, while Sim has to go Fedex.
It is amazing the things that have been developed to prepare emergency responders for any and every scenario. There are even more sophisticated "Sims" on the horizon.

So that's just sort of what Tim does. I always have to think twice when people ask me.

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