Monday, February 20, 2012

Who Is YOUR God?

Burning Incense Before Idols (6835)

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Register illustration by Melissa Hartog
– Register illustration by Melissa Hartog
Here we are, standing before the idol.
It is not 250, but 2012; not Rome or Carthage, but America. Once again, some are prepared to be martyrs, others prepared to easy surrender to avoid discomfort, and still others to be apostate under duress, confident of God’s later forgiveness.
For some, the idol is sex. Having resisted the teaching of Christ and his Church for a generation, it’s an easy compromise: “After all, almost no Catholic believes today that contraception is wrong, and so many have used it, or are using it, with no qualms of conscience.” Catholics are not following the Church, so the Church, and those Catholics who do believe, can be ignored.
For others, the idol is money, especially government money.
We can do so much good with it. It feeds the poor, comforts the sick, clothes the naked.
Surely, it is not wrong to continue doing so, even if it means accepting this compromise, this new secular wisdom. Would not Jesus approve of aiding the poor with government coin?
For others, the idol is party and power, an addictive concoction that numbs the moral sensibilities: “We have the solutions of the future, beyond narrow doctrines. Continue to believe and worship, if you must, but do so in your houses of worship and stay out of public affairs.”

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