Thursday, April 5, 2012

Holy Week 2012

We are now into the Triduum of this season of Lent and Easter.
So far it has been a week of great blessings.

On Monday we decided to make the trip up to Dover, DE to attend the Chrism mass for our Diocese.
It was so worth the trip!
We left at around 3:00 and stopped for dinner in Dover. Then we headed over to Holy Cross Parish where the mass is held.

The Chrism mass is held once a year and the bishop of the diocese presides.

It is a very special Mass.
The holy oils are blest by the bishop for use within the parishes at Baptisms, Anointing, and during Confirmation....


The Priests come from all over the diocese, and they renew their vows at this mass as well.


~Tonight begins the three days of the Triduum.~


Tonight at Good Shepherd we attended the Mass of the Lord's Supper.
The oils that were blest at the Chrism mass were presented to the parish.


This is also the mass at which we remember Christ washing the feet of the disciples.

Brendan and Paul were servers, and John was one of the people that had his foot washed.

The Blessed Sacrament was taken from the Church and reposed in a small chapel for the night, and the altar and sanctuary have been stripped.
The Mass ended in silence, and we now wait for tomorrow.

Good Friday.

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