Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday is the Day Before Friday!

And this Friday is the last day of school before we take off next week for Holy Week and Spring break.
So we are all a little giddy.
We have had a lot going on this week actually...
Lets see,
Monday night our Bible Study watched the first video in the "Catholicism" series. It was just excellent.
Tim is hoping to get to some of the evenings, so he will have to watch it to catch up. There is going to be a good bit of study in between!
Tuesday was fun! We had our "Fallacy Detective" group, and so for a change, we all went over to the Fallston Library to see a gentleman impersonate Benjamin Franklin. It was really quite good, I thought, but the kids got a little squirrely in the back. It was packed and all the good seats in front were taken.
I enjoyed it though! Tuesday was also a very productive school day!
Yesterday was a busy day with school, and John had Shakespeare in the afternoon. I got together with some friends and we had a little chat.
I am helping teach our Parish Confirmation class. I think it is coming along very well. The kids seem to be enthusiastic about learning about the Faith, and they seem to be progressing every week.
I am encouraged.
Today was Maggie's day at the groomer. She went in a rather stinky puppy, and came out just beautiful!
She always seems to be very happy with the end result, even if she doesn't really enjoy the process.
I am going to have to vacuum everything again though, because she always sheds twice as bad for a couple of days after she gets back.
Well, it's getting late and I must get to sleep! Tomorrow is Shakespeare, and the boys are mostly done with school for the day already!
Very nice indeed. I have to do all the correcting, but that's fine!
I will have a nice day for another reason which I won't share at this time....
May have some new Spring pictures this weekend!

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