Thursday, August 30, 2012

Another Thursday

I can't believe how fast the summer has gone! I realize it when I look at this blog and think that I was positive that I posted "just a couple of days ago" and realize that it has actually been a week!
It's like time is going by and I'm not even noticing!
The boys are staring down the barrel of another school year with great trepidation.
We are going to be a full time co-op family this year, and I am looking forward to the boys taking many of the subjects that I think are better learned in a group atmosphere.
It's going to be different for all of us. It really raises the accountability bar, because I will not be able to just put off a project or a lesson til later (read never), and the boys will have to think about what they are responsible for ahead of time. They are all good students, but homeschooling study habits are very flexible, and it's time to stiffen them up before they get out into the college world.
John will probably start taking classes at the community college in a couple of years, so this is a perfect middle ground. He is starting Robotics this year with a local FTC team, and he is also taking an engineering class. Lots of writing!
Art has always been a challenge for me, and I am thrilled to have a wonderful teacher to take this over and let John and Brendan be creative!
All three boys are blessed with excellent piano instructors and John is making fantastic progress!
Brendan and Paul have had the Summer off, for the most part, but I am really excited about their new piano teacher as well.
Government and Science are also on the menu!

It's been a busy summer, and I think we used our time well. We had lots of great experiences, and we have learned a lot of non-academic stuff.
I always have hard time with the impending cold, as I love summer weather so much. I miss the pool, and the green yard, and the warm nights so much.
One thing that I have always loved about Summer is going out the door in the early morning to feel the warm sun already making the day worth basking in.
Growing up in the chilly Northwest, it was always nippy, even in the Summer.
I love the feel of a hot day coming on.
Maggie not so much. She will be so glad to feel the crisp Fall air. Our walks have been fewer with the heat.
The boys have been enjoying time with friends and sleeping in and all the fun that the looser schedules of Summer allow.
But already John is into some of his classes, with a writing workshop today, a discussion of Ivanhoe for Literature tomorrow, and starting up the Robotics meetings.
We also had our first Religious Ed class last night. I am teaching 9th grade and Confirmation this year, as I did last year, but this year I am partnering with my friend Paula, and the class has 31, and possibly more. It is going to be quite a handful, but I think I will love it!

Tuesday morning we will resume our homeschooling journey.
John will be in the 10th grade! He is taller than most of his friends and all of his family!
Brendan will be in 8th grade and he is just the most polite, prayerful and gentle soul.
Paul is going into 6th grade, and he is creative, cheerful and gregarious. He can mix in almost any crowd.

Can't wait to see how the school year plays out!

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