Tuesday, August 21, 2012

We had such a nice day today!
I started with a walk AND I finished "Northanger Abbey", which was a fabulous Masterpiece version of the book. I loved it. I am so spoiled by all these great Brit productions.
Then I came upstairs and made pancakes.
At 10:00 or so, Lilly arrived. She was here for a few hours while Nina ran a few errands.
She was so good all day and kept saying the cutest things!
John and Brendan took their bikes and rode down town. They were tired when they got home but they had a good ride.
Paul and I took Lilly to the pool and she swam all afternoon. What a little fish. She is actually getting to where she can get where she wants to go by swimming underwater.
After Nina picked up Lilly, we came home from the pool to get cleaned up and headed out to pick up Father Henry. We then headed up to Lancaster to a wonderful restaurant called the Willow Valley Smorgasboard. Wow. That was really a fun trip! A wonderful drive through the late summer country-side, and a delicious meal. The boys were in Heaven, with as much as they wanted of their favorite foods. I enjoyed the salad bar and Father Henry got to have some nice roast beef.
Then we drove back down between fields of corn and tobacco, passing an Amish buggy every few miles. What a perfect end to a very nice day!
Now we are off to watch a little "Dr Who".

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