Saturday, September 8, 2012

Starting the Year off Right...

Well, first, today is the day that we celebrate Mary's birthday.
Our beautiful Blessed Mother has a wonderful cathedral, built in her honor, in Baltimore.
We were very blest to attend the annual homeschooling Mass, and Brendan and Paul were honored to be asked to serve!
We had left the house earlier than we expected, and I thought that would work out well because we would be able to explore the Cathedral a bit and I would be able to take some pictures.
We got there about half an hour early and I started taking pictures of the side altars. I really like how they put information about each saint at each altar.
 There are about six altars, in honor of different saints.

  When we got to the Adoration Chapel, we all knelt to pray, and as we were getting ready to leave, another mom approached and asked if our boys could serve.
 They were surprised and very pleased!

They did a great job!

Brendan got to serve at the altar

 and Paul got to hold the crozier.

The Mass was so beautiful. The homily was so good!

Archbishop Lori gave us so much support and encouragement. He spoke of our place in our children's lives as the first and primary teachers. He spoke about our homes as schools and domestic churches. He spoke to the kids and told them that they also have a place in God's world to share the gospel with those that they come in contact with.
He said: “… your parents love you so much that they've chosen to educate you well and raise you in your faith."
We do indeed!

What a special time it was! We even found St. Brendan at the Irish saint altar. Brendan liked that a lot!

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