Thursday, November 8, 2012

Post-Election Thoughts...

Well, here we are on the other side of November 6th, 2012, and it seems that the best way that I can describe where we are is that nothing has changed, but everything is very different.

Before the election, it seemed like there was an energy, a restlessness to get our country moving on the path to recovery.
Before the election, I saw so much optimism for a swing back to the solid, hard-working attitudes that made this a place that provided opportunity, not just for the people that were born here, but for those that come here from other places.
Now I feel that much of that momentum was wishful thinking.
As Rush Limbaugh said yesterday, "In a nation of children, you can't beat Santa Claus."
It's true.

What the people want is Santa and his credit card. Unlimited borrowing and a refi when the bills come due. 0% interest on all the goodies life has to offer.
Why not? The last two generations have grown up with "No interest or payments for 12 months!" as their mantra.
Got in a bit over your head? Well, no problem! We'll just sit you down and you can sign those Chapter 11 papers and start over!
Well, folks, we are in for a bit of a nasty shock.
I'll bet there is no word for Chapter 11 in Chinese.
When those bills come due they are just going to be due. You think our addiction to stuff and nonsense hasn't been targeted by the folks who are buying us out?
It's gonna hit the fan, and the kiddies are going to start wailing for a second chance, and those guys in the  big bank on the other continent are going to smack us down and put us in the international time-out chair.
History hasn't been as good to them, and they aren't spoiled. They don't have a sugar-daddy.

The next person that says that Obama is some kind of evil-genius-anti-Christ that has mesmerized the callow population and stolen the presidency, is going to get an earful from me.
The presidency was not stolen. It was gift wrapped and delivered.
The electorate, minus the military, was given the chance to choose self-determination over big government, and they chose to stick with the European model. There was very little fraud, and a huge voter turnout. Catholics voted for Obama 50/48%. Terrifying.
Obama is not a thief, he is a symptom.
I heard one of the commentators on election night say that the abortion/contraception debate played very heavily in this election.
That is one of the saddest things that I have ever heard. To think that the people in our nation value the right to choose to kill a child over the possibility of a strong economic recovery is chilling, but that was what she said.

I have no idea how many years we have to live in this happy cloud of self-delusion.
Mark Steyn says that the most comfortable place to live is in a country in the early stages of decline.
Europe is in the middle stages, with Greece leading the pack.
Greece is a small country with a European Union attached to it. It will go down with a thud.
The United States is a giant with nothing propping it up. It is tilting dangerously over the "fiscal cliff" and when it falls, the Richter scale is going to read about 9.5.
God is good, and He is forgiving, but He is also just.
I just pray for the courage and fortitude to be a witness to the Truth, when justice is served.

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