Thursday, October 25, 2012

Don't Forget to Schedule....

Your imaginary mammogram!
This is a very important test for women, and our president, Barack Obama wants to be sure you don't miss out. He still thinks that women in the US can just pop down to the local Planned Parenthood clinic for this "service".
Well, see...two things.
First, Planned Parenthood doesn't do mammograms. They don't have the techs, they don't have the machines. The best they can do is an exam, which you can actually do yourself in the privacy of your own home. At Planned Parenthood these things don't come cheap. Seventy-nine bucks was the price a friend of mine was quoted, and that was the low-income price on the sliding scale.
Second, what they really do best, and where the money really comes in, is abortions.
They are specialists. They certainly do have those machines, and they do have the techs. They have it down to a science. And it's apparently just what women want, well except for the women that are on the wrong end of the umbilical cord.
The folks at Planned Parenthood don't care if you can't find out if you have breast cancer. Really.
They are in the business of planning your parenthood, or eradicating it.
They are on a national killing spree, and the president of the United States is all for it. Just ask him.
He continues to perpetuate this myth about all the great things that they are doing for women, and how much American womanhood will be set back if they aren't funded by taxpayers.
Well, I am an American woman, and they have absolutely nothing at Planned Parenthood that can make me a healthier, better person.
I occasionally go up to pray outside the clinic in Wilmington, where women are convinced that the deeds that are done there are for the best. I feel the weight of the sorrow and evil that surrounds that building.
There is nothing healthy going on there.
So, if you really cared about women, Mr President, you would check your facts, and you would make sure that all the things that you say are so important for the future of this country would be available to ALL women, regardless of age or status. Born or unborn.
I don't give a hoot where you were born, but I am a "birther". I believe that everyone should have a chance to have one.

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