Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Post Debate Stress Syndrome

I watched the debate last night, between our fearless leader Obama, and our hopeful new leader, Mitt Romney.
It was the third and last debate between these two, and it was definitely much less exciting than the first two. I guess I had ramped my mind up for a Romney KO.
He did OK, but I feel like I was waiting the whole time for something profound and determining, and then it was over.
I then stumbled all over the internet for some commentary that would clarify what I had missed. Surely there must have been something that I didn't interpret correctly, but no, apparently what we saw is all there was.
OK, so the debate was a bit of a let down, after the way Romney delivered in the first one.
I am just PRAYING that the people in this country get it right in November. Really, I am praying.
I feel like we are sitting on this edge.
God listens to our prayers, and He answers them, but have we gone too far over onto the left-hand side of the road, collectively? Are we going to harvest the rotten fruit of a hedonistic culture, or is the balance going to swing because we are begging God for an end to the madness?
He let the Children of Israel sit around in the desert for a very long time.
He let David stew in his own iniquity for quite a while.
Sometimes he just has to let the kids make their mistakes and realize the consequences.
Where are we going in all of this?
Can we pull back from the brink of debt and cultural suicide?
We can, but it is going to take the will of the entire country, and I am not sure that we are there yet.
Romney pointed out that we can be strong again, or we can go the way of Greece.
It's the choice of the people.
Are we still a self-determining nation or have we become another EU, with our fate at the mercy of the tides of a global tsunami?
We'll see, won't we?

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