Sunday, October 14, 2012

Robots and Barn Dances!

It was quite a weekend!
We were all over the place.
John was by far the busiest, but Brendan, Paul and I kept a pretty good pace as well.
John went swing dancing Friday night, and got home around 11:00.
He knew he had to get up early, but he always likes to go if he can.
He and Tim got up around 5:00 on Saturday morning and headed out to pick up team members and robots, so that they could head up to New Jersey for a Scrimmage with their FTC! team.
The competition started at 9:00 but they needed to be early to get the bugs worked out of the robot.
Here are some pictures:

Meanwhile, back at home, Brendan and Paul and I got out the door to get them to their Piano "Master's" Class. This is a once-a-month seminar the their teacher does with all of her students together. They talk about pieces of music, play for each other, and learn to listen and play in a group. Sometimes they celebrate the birthday of a composer. This was the first one that our boys have been able to attend, so it was new for them, but they seemed to enjoy it.
While they were there, I went over to Home Depot, so that I could get my Fall Flowers and some stuff to try and bring our lawn into order. UGH.
I worked all afternoon and got the back beds cleaned out and planted new mums. I also mulched everything. Those beds have been so over grown. We have had lots of luck with the mums that we bought last fall, and they are so colorful.
I love seeing if they will come back in the spring.
I'll get some pictures of those up tomorrow.
We went to Mass at 4:00, and then John had his interview for Confirmation with Fr Jay.
Apparently he is doing OK... :)
After that we went over to a neighboring parish for a Barn Dance, hosted by their youth group.
These dances are a blast, and they always draw a big crowd.
The kids really have learned some great dances, and even Brendan got into the act at the end. He wanted to dance the Broom Waltz. This is a waltz that is a bit like musical chairs. Everyone finds a partner, except one gentleman. His partner is "Lady Eleanor", a wooden broom. All the couples begin waltzing, including the gentleman with the broom. When the music stops, all the gentlemen have to find another lady to dance with, and they can't dance with the same person twice. The odd man out gets to dance with "Lady Eleanor". For some reason this is one of the most popular, and the kids look forward to it every time!
Here is some video:

Can't wait for the next one!

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