Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Break

It is so nice to have a few days off from school, and all of the weekly details of life.
We don't have lessons, classes, or school, so are able to focus on some of the things that make life fun!
The boys are having a great time breaking in their new possessions.
John got a video camera, and he has big plans for it.
Paul has been waiting for it to get dark each night so that he can go out and use his night-vision binoculars.
Brendan has a new Kindle and we are going to be able to do lots of great stuff with that, but right now he uses it to listen to music, look at pictures and play games.
Tim has a Kindle as well and he is taking time out in the evenings to read, which is a nice break for him!
I took two of the boys over to Barnes and Noble to use their gift cards. Paul came home with two new books, and so did I!

I also went to Jo-Ann's looking for a sewing machine cover. I didn't find one at the store, but when I came home I found one online and ordered it.
Dinner tonight was...not ham!
I made a big stir-fry and rice and we all enjoyed that.

It is so cold out that I am thinking of getting another heater for the basement office!

Maggie is just happy to be loved....

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