Monday, April 1, 2013

Counting Down the Days...

So many countdowns!

We are on the last two months of school! Finally!
Math is winding down, or up I guess. Brendan and Paul only have about 20 more lessons. That is the biggest sign of progress around here.
Paul is almost done with his English, and the co-op classes only have a month left.
History and Science are coming along but will be a bit longer.

We have a piano! That is such a blessing! All the boys are going to have a much better music experience.

Two plays are in the offing. May will bring us two versions of Mid-Summer Night's Dream. This week the kids have to be off book,
and I have to get most of the costumes at least planned. I have ideas, but only a few firm ones. I will try to make that happen.

Confirmation is going to be on May 15th, and we have the retreat, I have to contact the Bishop, and a few of the kids have service hours to finish up. We only have one more Mass with the class and we only have a few more classes!
John will be confirmed!! So exciting!

Lent is over and Easter is here! We have come through the desert again. So here we are in the Easter season counting down to the Ascension and Pentecost.
We are so very Blest in our Faith!

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