Thursday, October 17, 2013

Can you say DNA?

I learned a lot yesterday.
I discovered how much I don't know about DNA, during our Biology lab yesterday.

I am facilitating our Biology class this year, and I am trying to become as informed as I can on each Chapter in the book. I have been using videos and reading a lot of supplementary information online.
This works out fine for things that I have a pretty good handle on, from my previous studies in High School, and teaching the girls.
The understanding of DNA has come along way in the years since, however. I have not kept myself entirely up to date. So I was thinking that I had it figured out, and we all met and were discussing the chapter, and I felt like I had an acceptable handle on the discussion.

A bit later, I was trying to explain the procedure for the lab, and one of the kids asked a question. It really threw me, because I was pretty sure I knew the answer, but not positive. Misinformation can be way worse than no information, especially where Science is concerned, so I used an old teaching trick that I learned from my Chemistry teacher in High School. I asked another question. And since the kids in the class are brilliant, my lack of mastery of the topic was no stumbling block to their understanding. We figured it out and I think we all learned a lot!

I was so proud of all the models that they built, and impressed with the ones that a couple of them brought from home!

This was the model one group of boys made. 

John, Bride, and Beth putting theirs together.

Yummy DNA! Gummy Bears and Marshmallows.


Oksanna and Happy with their model

It's done!

Mark, Peter and Douglas

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