Monday, November 4, 2013

It's Been Awhile...

Gee, I don't even think I can call myself a blogger if I only blog about every two weeks....
Well, part of the problem is that all the good pictures are on the computer that is a whole lot less convenient at the end of a long day. I open up the blog, think about what I want to share, and realize that I am on the wrong computer and I am going to have to switch...ugh.
So I don't. I just don't have the energy, and during the day, I really don't have time to put two luxuriously idle thoughts together. We are going steady from sun-up to sundown and long after around here.
Not making excuses, just stating the facts.
However, I will say that we are having a wonderful Fall in the midst of constant activity.
We have been able to get school under control, after a wild September. I was chasing two high schoolers and a middle schooler around a whole lot of books. Getting things started this year was a lot harder than other years. We are in a new co-op, Brendan is now in High School, and has had to deal with the shock of all the stuff that has to be read, processed, commented on, and retained. He is now in the groove, but our first month was a stunner.
John has learned how that works, but I think it was still a tough month for him.
Paul is in seventh grade and he moves along really quickly in school. He reads so fast that I don't worry too much about the load.
These guys can all type faster than I can, so they can write pretty effortlessly.

We have had fun at co-op, we have done some great field trips, we have had a bonfire, with our TORCH friends, we went to a great All Saints Mass at St Ignatius, all the boys have been busy with robotics, and getting together with friends. Last weekend John and I were so lucky to get to see The Piano Guys in concert. That was just awesome!
Brendan and Paul went out on Halloween and John went to a party.
Tim has been working really hard, and when he gets home there is always some project that needs doing.

Lilly is here quite often and we are enjoying all her silly talk and her games. She is quite taken with Grandpa, and they have some amazing adventures. Good thing he likes to pretend! She thinks his willingness to go along with all her wild imaginings is just fab! I am just Mimi, and we do quiet things when she is here. She is ready for the Little House books I think!

I may get some pictures posted tomorrow. We'll see whether I remember....

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