Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Day Before Thanksgiving...

It's rainy, cold, and blustery outside, and it's warm, cozy and quiet inside. I have no need to go anywhere!
We are off school for a few days, which is wonderful for all of us. Tim is off tomorrow and for the weekend, so we can enjoy family, food and fun. The boys just enjoy being home with no place to go and no school!
We will go to Mass tonight, as there isn't one in the morning.
I am going to be baking and doing the things that I need to do early. It's just nice to have a chance to slow down and appreciate all the gifts that we have been given.
Our Faith, a warm house, Tim's job, our health, our family, this nice little town, our country, and so many other things!
I am going to try to post pictures as I cook today. We'll see. I'm not really all that great about that these days.

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