Friday, November 8, 2013

Winter in the Air!

It's 37 degrees out there...
...and they are calling for snow on Tuesday!
I knew winter was on the way, but it didn't have to hurry!

It has been so beautiful out! 
The leaves have turned, but the days have been mild, and some of them downright warm!
The Brendan, Paul and Henry were out back having their annual leaf raking party.
Every year they get together and rake up the leaves into the biggest pile that they can.

They used to spend a lot of time jumping in the pile, but this year, only Paul was jumping. I guess they are going to have to hand down the jumping to Lilly.
Maggie really enjoyed herself though. It's definitely her thing!

The guys had a very full school week and really worked hard.
They all have the usual subjects to finish every day, but they also have things that need attention in addition to school.
All three are participating on robotics teams, and the competition is going to be tough. They have a lot to finish in a short time.
Paul's team is brand new, and it's having the usual rookie-team struggles.
Brendan is on an FTC team that has a bit more experience behind it and they seem like they are on track, They don't compete until after Christmas.
John's team is older and the kids are all very experienced, John is working on the writing aspect of the team, but their big push isn't until Spring. They still meet once a week though.

We are preparing to update the main floor bathroom somewhat. We have a couple of guys coming in to do the tile, and then Tim can do the rest of the work himself. It should be very rewarding! I can't wait to freshen it up and see something in there besides pink!
These are great winter projects. It all needs to be done, but we are so busy coming and going in the summer that we usually end up with home improvement projects piling up when we have to be in the house, and we notice how much it needs a change.

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Suzanne said...

Such beautiful colors! Miss that.