Monday, January 13, 2014

Gimme That Good Old Fashioned Education

Yeah, I'm one of those crazy homeschoolers.
You know the types. Those people that have stacks and piles and shelves and bags of books, and keep buying more.
Those folks that, when asked why the kids are at the grocery store in the middle of the day, pipe up with "We homeschool!", smiling and prepared to offer cheerful follow-up should the unsuspecting inquisitor lack the good sense to smile and move on.
One of those moms who, when the ladies at the pool start getting all sentimental about how ready they are for school to start says "Boy, not me, I'd like about another 3 weeks of vacation"....and then takes it.
That Mom.
And the thing is that, even if I had tons of other options, I would still want to be here, teaching, learning, experiencing, and growing.
This is the place that Life-long learning happens, for me!
I love High School!
It's hard to believe, because I didn't enjoy it the first time around. Maybe that's because I was so caught up in all the drama and the social awkwardness and the fear of being myself, that I didn't take the opportunity to focus on what education had to offer.
I did love Literature and History. I had wonderful, committed teachers, but it was so hard to throw myself into it when the angst was waiting right outside the door in the hall.

The freedom to enjoy learning for the sake of itself is part of the reason that I love what we do so much.
Now, I know my kids don't see school as a grand adventure, they are free of the drama but they still have to do the work, and a lot of the time it's just, well, work. I would love to be able to approach school with less regimen and more creativity, I really would. I just really feel the need for structure. I have to set goals, have parameters, and be able to measure progress. It's my temperament. It would be so great to be able to just lay out a stack of books, an erector set, some cooking supplies, and some maps, and let the guys just experience their way through learning. But it's not my style.

So we go on field trips.
 The guys are all doing really well at music, Karate, and robotics. John is teaching himself to play the guitar. Paul has a book-a-day habit, and Brendan is hoping to become a youtube game commentator.
It's a great place to be, and they are great people to be with!

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