Saturday, April 5, 2014

In Comes April!

As the days of this week
have gone by...
Monday we had a quiet day of school, started reading "The Killer Angels" for literature, and the guys all enjoyed being home after a very busy weekend.
On Tuesday I went down to the Anita C Leight Estuary Center to pick up the "Fur-Bearers" kit, containing the skulls, furs and various other parts of Maryland animals, so that the Biology class could use them to learn about how and why certain animals need certain attributes. I think it was one of the best labs that we have done so far.
We also got a model of a human skull from the library so that they could see how we compare to various types of critters. Interesting!
John had a robotics meet with his FRC team Thursday, Friday and today.
 They had a good time, learned a lot, and it was definitely worth it, although the team won't be going to World's this year.
Brendan got an "A" on his Algebra test! Go Brendan!
Paul had a Birthday on Thursday, which was great! He is such a great kid, and now he is a great 12 year old! We went over to visit our friends the Snows, and they surprised him with a cake, and then we brought Brett and McKenna over here to have Pizza and Apple Pie!

Friday was co-op day. Only four more and the year is over! Wow!
We have some neat plans for next year!
Today I took John down to the robotics meet, and Tim took Paul over to his Baseball practice.
We are still working on the den/guestroom, and it is coming along nicely.
I have to find a carpet or rug, but I think I am going to go to Ollie's discount place.

And then there's these awesome people:

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