Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Saying Goodbye

It seems like there have been an awful lot of people in our lives saying "Goodbye", one way or another, to loved ones, places, and ways that they have lived.
Things do change and the only thing that is certain in life is that it is very uncertain.

A couple of weeks ago our next door neighbor, a very elderly gentleman who has lived in that house since it was built, fell in the hallway and couldn't get up. His son called, from San Francisco, to see if his truck was there and if we had seen him. I told him no, and then we really started to worry.
We finally had to call the police, who broke in and found him and called the EMS people. It was one of those things that happen to older people who live alone, and it could have ended much worse than it did, but it is still not good. It's unlikely that he is going to be coming back to live in that house. He has just always been there. It's the end of something certain.

A few of the families we know have lost parents, and other family members, recently, and yesterday I heard that my good friend, Tonya, said "Goodbye" to her dad, after a long illness. It was kind of shocking. I thought he would be here longer.

When these things happen we naturally think about where the ones that we love are now. We can't picture it, and we can't begin to know what they are experiencing, but we know that they are...still.
We know that every soul that comes into being is eternal and that after death they go on in an existence that isn't what we know, but is.
When my Mom passed from this earth, I just couldn't feel that she had died. She is gone from here, and she isn't able to call me and chat, or hear about how the kids are doing, or come over for a visit, but she is every bit as alive as when she walked the earth. She is in another place, and she can pray for us, and she can be with the babies that we lost in a way that we don't get to, until we get there.
I just can't see that as a bad thing. The last few years of her life were filled with physical pain, and while she was still enjoying life, we all knew that it was coming to it's earthly end. The thing is, that is really why we are made. We are an eternal people. We believe in a life in eternity that NEVER ends, ever.

Now not everyone chooses to be in the same eternal place. That is up to the choices that we make while we are here. If you choose a life of self-centered worldliness, then God isn't going to force you to spend an eternity with Him and others, you will have the eternity that you have chosen by closing the door on Love. That's free will.

Nina is moving to Texas, away from Maryland, where she has lived, worked and raised Lilly for most of her life. They are very excited about making a fresh start, and I am excited for them, but it means a huge change for us, and a "Goodbye" even as we know that it is a good thing. I am praying that she finds everything that she needs to move into the life that she has been working so hard for. A good job, a better economy, good schools for herself and Lilly, and a love to walk through life with. I am looking forward to our visits and being able to hear that they are stretching their wings.

So many Goodbyes, some harder than others, and so many adjustments.
Life is just one long adjustment.
Thank You Lord for the Grace to be flexible, and the Hope that we have in You!

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