Thursday, July 2, 2015

My Time With My Friend....

....was the highlight of my day.

Well, one of them. There were actually quite a few.

I have taken a bunch of the apps off my phone, to save the battery, and so when I got up I didn't reach for it to check Facebook, I just went downstairs to my prayers and treadmill. Started off the day with my usual workout, but no input from facebook, or email. That's actually really nice.

I drove John to Bel Air for an appointment, but then spent an hour reading my book. Most enjoyable!

I came home, and I was working, which is a computer based activity right now, unfortunately, but then after I stopped for the day, I came out to start dinner and my friend Christine came by with her kids! We had a very nice visit while I was cooking. It was so great to just talk about so many things. Her dad's health, our kids, our plans...just everything.

We had a nice family dinner, and we had Lilly here! She had dinner and then we read a bit of "Little House in the Big Woods". She is really excited about how many books are in the series.

Lilly and Tim took a walk with Maggie and then they built a model house!

Some really good stuff!

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